Starter cable heat shield

Hello all,
I installed a new set of headers on my 390 rebuild project and now am very concerned about burning the starter cable. It is accessible, but it will be located directly between two of the header tubes. I have spark plug boot protectors already installed and am wondering if anyone out there has some advice for me to follow up on to protect the starter cable in a similar way.

Not sure why the cable would be routed between the header primary tubes. Rather it should be retained by clamps along the lower block near the oil pan rail. This should keep it well clear of the exhaust - even with headers. Are you running something exotic in the header department? Or is your starter cable too short to allow for the routing I described?

I shouldn’t have stated that the cable runs between the pipes because the cable is not installed yet. The cable lug itself is very close to two of the header pipes (which was not a problem of course with stock manifolds). I can reach it with my finger and thumb, but it is only a couple inches away from the pipes at most. Regular old Hooker Super Comp headers…I can make a starter cable any length I want, but I wanted to know if there was a specific wire heat shield product out there that someone else has had success with. Even with good routing, I feel like I will still need that protection.

You could use the same stuff people use to wrap headers with.

I think I found a similar product designed for wires and hoses…it’s called Thermo Sleeve.

I just used DEI thermal sleeve on my borgeson power steering lines. Easy to install.