Steering Column for 76 XR7

New to the community, thanks for all the great information! I don’t see alot on here about mid 70’s cars, but it’s worth a shot. I have been needing a steering column for a 1976 XR7, and it seems to be illusive. what were the interchange years for this model, and would anyone know where a guy could possibly find 1?

Although I have a 1969 XR-7, I also have a fondness for these LARGE Cougar ( third generation ) luxo-boats - with their body-on-frame configuration. They shared their underpinnings with the Mercury Montego, and the ( introduced a bit later ) Ford Gran Torino / Elite. So that would be a logical place to look for your steering column. Best of luck !

1974, 1975 and 1976 Cougar were all the same platform. I’ve never heard of a steering column wearing out - can you clarify why you need one?

Ford Elite, Torino, Mercury Montego are all the same platform and share the same steering column.

All of the above, also the 1977-79 Thunderbird can supply this elusive item.

So you are saying that the 1977 - 79 T Bird column is the same as 1974 - 76 Cougar?

The 77-79 T-bird is same platform as the 74-76 Cougar. Also the 77-79 LTD II and Cougar.

72-76 Thunderbird and Lincoln Mark IV and Mark V might work too. They were built on a stretched version of the 72-up Torino/Montego chassis.