Straightening the 67-8 grille

What’s the biggest downfall of the early models? For me it’s the droopy eyes.

My 68 seems the norm, and tomorrow I’m gonna do something about it. But before I get the tools out, maybe even drill and cut and even add non-genuine parts, are they’re any last minute suggestions?

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Here are some elongated adjustment bolts you can try from WCCC . John

I build and sell the electric headlight conversion kits for 67-70 cougars. This will eliminate the vacuum problems and practically eliminate droopy headlights. I sell kits on ebay and provide them to WCCC. Email me at if interested. I have shipped numerous kits down under and shipping is about $60-$70.

Stay put on breaking out the tools. I did a really easy fix. I opened my headlight doors and removed the bottom two trim screws from each headlight trim cover. These are small Phillips/Cross point screws and after I removed them I installed a longer screw and sleeve(the sleeve covers exposed threads) with a small rubber bumper on the end. This gives the headlight door two points of contact when closed. With the extra screw length you can adjust the doors so they won’t sag. I’ll post a picture later this evening.

Here is a photo of what I did.

The rubber bumper end is from the help section at a local auto parts store. The bumper is used normally on sun visors to hold them in place when clipped. The sleeve is from a 1/4 inch sleeve anchor bolt that I took apart and discarded the rest of it. I hope this idea helps you.

Bingo! This is a tried and true fix but you need a shoulder on that stud as the headlight bezel (door not eyelid) ties in the weak grille casting and gives it rigidity.

Many, many thanks. Performed an almost identical bit of surgery with great results. Looks so much sharper now.


I’m glad it worked out well and you’re satisfied.