Strut rod removal

I want to remove my strut rods for painting & bushings. Do I need to remove the springs first? Or do I remove all the bolts and hit it with a big hammer? This is on a 68. Thanks Randy

You need to remove the large nuts on the front of the strut rod first, this best done while sitting on floor, then remove nuts from strut rod at lower control arm, and tap lose with hammer. No need to remove springs

Thanks I got it done allready, simple

Hi there, i’ve got an additional question… i’m doing this right now on my 68, already got the rods out - but the problem is now, that the old rubber bushings are held together by some metal sleeves and i wonder how to get them apart.
i only want to replace the rubber, bought a set of 4 from scott drake - do i have to grind something of there? is there some catch how to get them apart?

Many thanks!

Best from Munich, Germany!

The washers have a sleeve attached to them, so they can be a PITA to get out. A couple of pry bars and keep working at it. If that doesn’t work a cut off wheel and start going at it, but then you’ll have to replace the washers as well. Even if you do get the washers out in one piece unless it is a low milage car the sleeves will be worn. The strut rod slides back and fourth on the sleeve.


hm so i have to replace the sleeves anyway? :frowning: …just wondering why there are kits without sleeves in the first place?!

Many thanks for the quick reply! Will check it out tomorrow :slight_smile: