Sway bars and traction bars?

I was browsing the parts catalog the other day, and saw the Shelby style traction bars, now available for Cougar. My first thought is that the non axle end ‘floats’ like a regular slapper style bar. But then I thought I had read that the ends were meant to be welded.
If so, wouldn’t that make for a MUCH stiffer ride quality? Also, if you welded the bars front to rear, would a rear sway bar then be of any use? Not a lot of left to right action to begin with on a street car, comparatively speaking, but still.

The Shelby style bars (Traction-masters) are welded at the frame rail and bolt under the spring/shock plate. They also have rubber bushings in the bar so they are not hard mounted like a ladder bar.
I never noticed the ride being that much stiffer on my car.

I have both on my '69. I have not noticed a difference in ride quality.

The Cougar traction master bars are welded at both ends. At the frame & two ears that weld to the bottom of the shock plates. I had to shorten the “ears” as they were too long causing ground clearance issues. The car rides very well on the street/ highway also.

My RestoMod is only 22" at the front wheel well opening. The rear is 22 1/4 making a “rake” of 1/4 inch.

Anyone got any pics of the installation of these?

I have the Cal-Tracs on mine now.

I am surprised, but not dis pleased to hear that there is enough flex to allow for travel arc, at the axle end. I will be looking into a purchase and some labor for this upgrade in the near future!

Put them on my 70 last year and yes welded on both ends. No difference in ride quality and seem to wrok well. They also look nice under there almost like the car could’ve come that way.

I tacked the front mounts to the frame and located the rear mounts in the right spot then marked them. Pulled the rear lower leaf spring plates off the car and welded them on good. (FYI it helps to make spacers the same width as the bar joint so the mounts dont move out of shape from the heat during weld.