The last day of an XR7-G

A while back I got these wonderful images from the original owner of this car which sadly no longer exists.

It was hit by a drunk driver while parked:


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Ouch. Without the trunk the car reminds me of a gremlin.

That hurts…

That had to be painful to watch it get towed away forever.

Ouch! Holy cow, that guy must have been flying when he hit it!

So sad!!!

Looking at the window sticker, it had the Rader wheels.

I don’t see any signs of a fire. Given that a lot of people are worried about the gas tank leaking and exploding. Just saying!

So sad, and to know that at that time, all the good parts would have just went with it.

It was produced in May 1968, over a month after the Rader wheels were discontinued at AO Smith.

Car was parked when hit so maybe that helped. I’d be surprised if that gas tank isn’t ruptured.

From the looks of that pic it was totaled awhile ago - hopefully those G parts went on to save another G.

  • Phillip

1972 pictures - I doubt the parts went anywhere other than to melt down.