Things you never hear said

  1. The garage is just too big.

  2. When I got the carpet out, the rust was better(lesser) than I’d thought it’d be.

3)The restoration came in under budget and sooner than expected.

  1. My paint guy is awesome and works cheap!

  2. The old car in the barn is actually an original, rare, big block car, not the 6 cylinder car I remember it being.

  3. I know my rent is paid, but I really just want to get a bit ahead on my bills for next month, so here I am, ready to bust my ass at work.

  1. That universal aftermarket part fit perfectly on the first try.
  1. No, I don’t need (part name here), my car/engine is too fast/powerful already.
  1. Sure, you can buy another project car, dear. (from the wife/gf/so perspective…)
  1. I’m asking $XXXXX but that’s the “sucker” price. I’d take WAY less…
  1. Yes, I’m lying to you, and only want your vote…
  1. My car is finished and perfect, I don’t plan on ever doing anything else to it.
  1. I have enough Cougars, and would never consider buying another one!
  1. I don’t…
  1. Oh look the light just turned yellow, I better stop :smoke:
  1. My great uncle’s stepson’s exwife had a Cougar just like this! …Oh…wait…This is what we DON’T hear…
  1. I can make tons of money restoring and flipping these cars.
  1. Dearest Husband, you are always right!

18)Here, let me just stop and ask for directions real quick…(man)

19)No, I don’t really like jewelry, or shopping at all, for that matter…(wife)

  1. I wish it wasn’t Friday.

21)I hope Christmas NEVER comes…(no kid, ever…)

22)No, no steak for me, I’ll have the tofu platter instead…

  1. Yes dear, we can have sex whenever you want.
  1. Cool Prius, dude.
  1. That repair was much easier than I thought it’d be!