Throttle cable, bracket & spring for a 1970 351W 4V

Yes, there was no 351W 4V for 1970 but with my set up I have an aftermarket aluminum 4V intake manifold and a 69 Autolite 4V carb. My question is, with this being a 1970 car, aftermarket intake manifiold and a 69 4V carb, will the following parts work with this set up? Couple pictures of the top section of my motor are shown below…

I would think you would need this bracket!

The bracket linked to in the first post is the one you want. The 2V bracket won’t fit (w/o serious modification) on a 4300.
Sharp looking engine, BTW.

Yes the bracket in the first post is what I ordered and installed. Hopefully this is the correct way it should look after installation…

My original 1970 throttle cable is in a very used condition and the plastic piece is broken. I came across this online but does this one actually work for our cougars? It gives no info on length or anything. I’m assuming it would also work with the 1969 throttle cable bracket square hole as pictured above.

Image in the Drake photo makes me think it has the ‘hammer head end’, and it won’t work with a 1970 accelerator pedal.

Okay I found a new image that is blown up. I’m thinking this won’t work?

And I also have a question about the reproduction pre-bent fuel lines from WCCC. I was wondering if you’re suppose to cut a section away from the front fuel line? Here’s what I’m talking about. The one that came off my car is on the bottom and the new one is on top.

I had similar issues with my pre-bent fuel lines not actually fitting without lots of tweaking. I didn’t have to cut anything but I had to do lots of bending.

Thanks for the heads up tmh. I will not cut that front piece and leave as is. I kept all my original fuel lines for now, haven’t thrown them out yet so I can at least have a better chance to get them installed correctly but I understand what you’re saying about them needing some massage work to get them to at least line up correctly. Cheers.