Does anyone have a detail diagram of the vacuum lines including where the trico valve goes for the tilt away?

Vacuum lines on the assembly drawing does not show this kind of detail.

I have the large can that mounts under the RH hood hinge. This does not have the valve built in it so it must have the trico valve correct?


The can at the hinge is for AC, the tilt can is under the battery.


Early 67 Cougar and Mustangs use the A/C or large vacuum tank inside the engine compartment under the RH hinge for vacuum for both tilt and A/C. The Trico valve has only one nipple on each side and goes in the large line between tank and engine manifold. With A/C there is a vacuum tee under the dash behind the instrument cluster that splits off the vacuum to the tilt mechanism. These cars will not have the holes punched out under the battery tray. I had a Sept. 67 Cougar and a Oct. 67 Mustang that had this setup.

Should have typed Sept. 66 and Oct. 66 DUH

This is a early build Nov 5th 1967 car. This is a box car. Meaning the car came in boxes and a rolling chassis. I found the TRICO valve and am not sure how it works. Is it just a one way valve?

I can blow through both sides but one side is more difficult than the other.

Is it supposed to seal tightly so as not to let the vacuum in the can to leak down?

I am assuming that the TRICO valve goes between the engine vacuum tee and the dock bumper type vacuum can?

That valve is blown. A 68 repro will work.



Still not sure how the vac lines connect to this canister which has 1 small nipple that is 7/64" hose and 1 larger nipple that is 5/32.

Anyone have a diagram? Photo ?

Ordered a new vacuum valve/switch.

Run a 5/32 vacuum hose from a vacuum fitting (port) on the intake manifold to the Trico valve side that says VAC. From the Trico run a hose to the large nipple on the canister. Run a 7/64 vacuum hose from the small nipple through a hole in the firewall and pull it through to under the steering column. You will now need to convert that 7/64 to 5/32 size hose with a plastic size change fitting (auto parts store). Run a 5/32 hose to the solenoid for the tilt mechanism.

Are these helpful?