time for a new custodian for my Cougar

I purchased my 70 vert almost 15 years ago. I spent about 4 years restoring it to a great, reliable driver. I got a lot of help during that restoration from people on mcnet - a lot of whom are now on this site. That forum and those people were super helpful ! Thanks to all who continue to share their knowledge with others that need it. My wife and I have had a lot of fun going for drives in that car over the last 10 years. Further to an enquiry made on this forum in early May by a person looking for a 69 or 70 Cougar convertible, my car now has a new custodian. His handle is Bluecar and his name is Bob. Bob is a great guy who lives near Cincinnati. He is not very knowledgeable about these cars but his dad owned a Mercury dealership when he was growing up and 69 / 70 Cougar verts were his favorite cars - and now he has one that he can enjoy and learn about. If there are any members or Cougar Clubs in the Cincinnati area, let Bob know in case he is interested in getting together or wanting to know about who is best at servicing these cars in the area, if he ever needs something attended to. Time to sign off. It’s been great and I’ll miss that car ! John

Glad you enjoyed the experience and it sounds like the hand off was a good one. Thanks for sharing!
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She did leave the premises protesting a little. It arrived at the new owners location with a damaged left front paw that a new rim from WCCC helped to fix Don. You might remember my call that you answered about 6 weeks ago. That was a story that I would like to forget - very frustrating at the time but minor in the context of things. All is well now.

The new owner called and asked me what I thought abought changing the color. I had to politely set him straight…

I may be biased, but comp orange is the best color on a 70 vert!
Wish my 71 wasn’t brown on brown tho…

There is a dedicated group of Cougar enthusiasts about 100 miles south of Cincinnati in Louisville, KY. Not many Cougar people in Cincinnati area. I lived there from 2001 - 2009 and while there were lots of Ford guys, not many Cougars to be seen.

The Edgewater drag strip car show is one of the best - be sure to go there.

Hello Everyone - Thanks for the kind words John and thank you passing this Cougar on to me! Don’t worry, I will not change it from Competition Orange (thought I love medium blue metallic!). Here is a pic of where I saw my first Cougars back in 1969. Based on the cars on the lot, this pic looks to be from 1975 or 76. While the dealership has long since closed, the buildings still stand. To no one’s surprise, the mink farm next door is gone, a Wal-Mart is across the street with housing and retail up and down every inch of this stretch in Medina, Ohio.
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So far my only upgrade to this Cougar has been adding this original plate frame. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!
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^^^ very cool!

Great thread to read - thanks for sharing.

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Hi John, If you haven’t totally signed off yet from this site I just wanted to say congratulations on the sale of your XR7. As you may remember, being only an hour and a half away, I came to look at your Cougar back when I was just beginning to investigate and research on these cars. I actually think yours was the first one I looked at. At the time I really didn’t know too much about them, passed on yours and purchased the Cat I have now shortly thereafter. I’m happy that you found someone who will take the reins from you.
To purchaser Bob; I can assure you that John was a great steward for your “new” car. I’m sure you’ll have years of enjoyment with it and never be afraid to post questions on this site. There’s no better place to get answers to your questions no matter how trivial hey may be. The Cougar community is the best. Good luck to you and welcome to the madness!