Timing Chain covers

I’m restoring our 69 cougar with 351W. I had the original block rebuilt but sold the 77 engine I had in it at the time. When I took the timing chain cover off the 69 block it was pitted real bad in the water jacket so I bought a new one. You can see the 2 pictures provided. The question is the difference in height where the timing indicator goes. I’m not able to find a timing indicator to go with this. I would like to keep the aluminum look as the new heads are aluminum. Any suggestions?

Timing pointer on a '69 goes on the driver’s side, 70-up it goes on the passenger side and the water pump inlet switches to the driver’s side. That timing cover is probably one of the universal parts that works for multiple years. 69 balancer is 3 bolt, 70-up is 4 bolt.

The real question is what year front dress are you planning to run, as the vast majority of 69 accessory drive parts are not compatible with 70-up.

I’m going with the 69 but am having an issue identifying the correct bolts for the timing chain cover and water pump. I bought the complete engine bolt kit from WCCC. In looking in the manual I really couldn’t figure out the bolts. Any help here? Thanks,

Thanks to AMK,

I found the AMK diagram invaluable. I only had about half the original fasteners. I ended up getting the full AMK kit from WCCC.