"Top Cat" 1968 Convertible Conversion

Well another Cougar has been added to our family. “Top Cat” a 1968 J code convertible conversion. Some of you might have seen the car when it was for sale on eBay and Craigslist. After seeing that it did not sell on its first eBay listing my brother Dennis and I spoke about the car. We thought it would make a cool project so we contacted the owner and began negotiating a deal. After a many phone calls, pictures and videos the deal was made on Christmas evening. Now after countless emails, phone calls and numerous shipping quotes from transport companies, Top Cat is now on its way from California to South Carolina. It should arrive sometime next week. I will add more information and pictures when the car arrives.
Here are some pictures.

Cool Steven, congrats! Looks like a great project.

Congratulations! We’ll look forward to watching the progress!

Congratulations, Steven, but I think you have a problem. It’s a good problem to have but a problem nonetheless.

Congratulations on the new addition! I did see that one posted in the SF Bay Area and it looked like a great start to an amazing car. I look forward to seeing a thread about your progress.

Have you started you list of what you are seeking to do to the cat, color scheme, etc?

I have always thought a 1st Generation Convertible Cougar would be neat to have. Mercury should have offered a convertible Cougar right from the start as an option. Also they missed out on offering a Convertible Eliminator in 69 & 70, which also would have sold.

Congrats on the new project!

Nice Steven. But shouldn’t you call it “Topless Cat”?

I’m inclined to agree with Jeff…

Cool, though!

Cardinal red with white top would be sweet.

Congrats, Steven. I look forward to seeing it unfold as a project and then seeing it in person at Carlisle sometime in the next few years!

With the proliferation of first generation convertible conversions, the challenge arises as to who will be the first person to photograph two or more such cars together. It would be fun to pick an upcoming show and try to gather as many as possible in one place.

Nice buy, looks like a great project. That make 2 recent purchases for you and your brother, ya’ll have fun.

Thanks guys. I’m looking forward to this project as well. It will be a slow process but I’m sure it will be fun. With the G cars being with my brothers down in Florida this one will be here in South Carolina so my S code will have a roommate to keep it company. :smiley:

Yes a wish/project list is being put together. It will keep it’s small block J code and C4 transmission. The interior will stay white. Right now the color choice is Madras blue with a white top.

First up after the car arrives is to do a inventory of all of the parts and assess the body modifications. After those things are covered the attention will be turned to the drive train/brake system.

I’ll add pictures this evening after the Cougar arrives. The transport driver said he should be here around 12pm. So I hope everything goes as planned.

Top Cat arrived today. Everything went well with the delivery other than the battery being dead. We backed it off the truck by hand and then my friend Mike helped me jump start it with booster cables. It started right up and we drove it into the shop. The conversion up to this point looks pretty good and the body is solid. The previous owner loaded the trunk with spare parts so that was a welcome surprise. :smiley:
Here are some pictures from this afternoon.

I love it, and I want one too!

cool !

What he said.

I received the new aluminum radiator. The one that is in the car is really over sized. It is so long the previous owner cut a notch in the battery tray in order to get it in. So along with changing the radiator I have to replace the battery tray. Not a big deal. Here are some photos of the new radiator.

The price was great also $150 with free shipping.

Here are a couple of pictures of Top Cat in the shop.