Trade a '69 390 IP snorkel for a '69 428CJ snorkel

Not sure if this is the correct forum for such a post, but
I’m just throwing this out there if anyone needs a 390 snorkel. Yes I know all I have to do is remove the spacer from this snorkel to have a correct 428 one, however I would assume the 390 snorkel might be a lot harder to find than the 428 one. If anyone has a nice clean original 428 snorkel and is needing a 390 one let me know.

If not I’ll just remove the spacer from the one I have and use it.

If you add ford part numbers and more search words you will attract the entire internet as opposed to just folks on this site. Rest assured you will be doing someone a favor and they will be very happy to hook up with you. Good Luck!