Trip mile rebuild

69XR7, trip miler does not reset. To be honest, I haven’t even noticed if it advances, but I know that it cannot be reset to zero. I haven’t looked, or pulled the dash out yet, but just curious if these can be rebuilt.

I had the same issue several years ago. I took my Speedometer to Redline Gauges, in Santa Clarita, CA. They rebuilt the trip meter and it has worked fine

I had this issue as well but I fixed it by putting a small vacuum cap at the end of the metal blade on the reset coming out of speedo. It gave just a little extra length for the pushbutton on the console faceplate to push it completely in to reset. A little hoaky, but got the job done without anyone being able to notice it… Easiest way to determine is remove speedo and push blade in to see if it returns to zero - assuming there was milage on it…