Turn Signal and Flasher Interior wiring

Hey Everybody, I’ve got a few questions when it comes to replacing the flasher and turn signal cans by the radio. On the passenger side i’ve got the orange/yellow and the blue wire, going to the turn signal flasher, and on the driver side I’ve got the red/white and the white /red wires for the emergency flashers. I’m currently upgrading to the plasma LED system and went to replace those 2 parts for the new ones and I just wanted to make sure it was those 2. From the wiring diagrams and everything I’ve seen, I’m fairly certain it’s those 2, however on the instructions for the part I got it says the can should be marked “4 Lamp Sequential Trigger” and said it should be green or red. The used on the WCCC website is red, and mine is silver with green writing, and just says HD Flasher. The other can just has and autolite part number on there.

I assume it’s those 2,99% sure, just wanted to make sure before I keep going, and I wanted to ask where the best spot for the ground is, theres a few larger bolts underneath that seem good but I was unsure since electrical is all new to me.

Lastly, when I moved my radio out of the way, I noticed a plug that was just hanging un-used, 2 red/yellow wires and 1 purple, and was wondering if this was for some XR-7 or Eliminator option that my base cougar doesn’t have. Thanks.

Edit: I hooked up both, I won’t know if its correct for a while since the engine is out of the car and will be quite a while till it all works again. For the grounds I just used a support coming from the passenger side, which is connected to the mount for the radio, and the other side I connected where the mount connects to the radio case. My bezel is busted on both of the top screws so I’ll be replacing that, when I do perhaps I’ll just connect both grounds to the same spot.

sounds like you have found the flashers and grounded them, now you could set the battery in and hook up the + lead and clamp the ground to frame and check your work.