Ultra-Rare 68 Cougar Option

Even Kevin Marti is unaware of this unique option :doh:


$950 ???

LMAO, here I was, expecting something completely different…

It is in nice shape, though.

Huh… and all these years I thought they were slots for the seat belt buckles!


That is rare! :slight_smile: What do you do with your seat belts if you have two 8 track tapes in the holders? Lmao

I thought those slots were for pop tarts.

I guess they could be if your copilot is 4-5yrs old. OOOrrr, you just like pop-tarts;)

Apparently you guys never actually cruised in a cougar back in the day with a tape player or you would know that the tapes are kept behind the door in the console. 8 track tapes don’t even fit in the seat belt holders.

What is an 8 Track?? :poke:

8 track reel to reel decks are a consumer-grade recording medium that lost popularity after the rise of digital. Professional tape decks are still in use, mostly 24tk though some 16tk machines are still used-- these use reels of 2" tape. 8 track machines are typically 1/2" tape, again, not a pro format.

Why anyone would want to store their multitrack master reels in their center console is beyond me. Normally you’d wanna mix it down to stereo for listening


Uh…thanks? LOL…I was teasing Mr. Battershill…

I know dude. I was joking back. Man give me a little credit, you thought I was serious that those tiny little rectangular openings are supposed to hold big reels of tape for a recording format that didn’t even exist in 1968? Man. Dude. Bro.

To think all this time I thought they were for holding your hard-pack of Marlboro’s, roach-clip, zig-zags and matchbox…

Now I’m really LMAO…oops?

Yea me too. :thumbup:

Wait!! I have one of those consoles that has been sitting wrapped up since '83! Boy, little did I know… :unamused:

I can do anything I want, I already know I’m going to hell for selling all of those quadraphonic 8 track tape players back in the 70’s.

I have a 8 track - cassette tape plug in adapter. I have an old stereo w a 8 track in the basement that still works.

What are you sayin’??!!??!! I just polished off a pack here at my desk. It was my mid-morning snack. YUM! :shh:

eeeuh… I thought 8 tracks only had 1 reel
reel to reel were 4 track cassettes, and real reel to reels were 7"reel tapes for tape decks (still have my Akai ds4000) (also still have my Rodec mixer)

They also came out with 8track quadrophonic tapes in the early 70’s

just sayin…