Vacuum Hose Question

I have a '69 XR7 and I just completed replacing the heater core and few other odds jobs. I I have everything back together and am ready to start the car, but don’t want to yet because I found one vacuum hose that was unplugged and I want to make sure its all together before I start it. I have a tilt/ tilt-away column and the disconnected hose seems to be from that but I can’t find the place where it would plug in. It looks like it should attach to the rear fitting on the intake manifold, but all of those ports are occupied. I have included some pictures of what it all looks like now. If others are needed please let me know and thank you all for your help.

Looks to me like you have two ports that are caped off that you could use, also from this view, that hose is for headlights’
it also looks like you have one unnecessary hose coming off the plastic T.

The headlight hose is the top one on the intake manifold port. The two capped off parts are too small for the hose to attach. It puzzling me because before I took everything apart the car ran beautifully. The tilt steering didn’t work but I was going to investigate that later and now that I have I have no clue where it goes.

Hi, here is an image of the vacuum hoses attached to the tee on the back of the manifold. I assume you have a 351?
You may not use all of these connections (some may indeed be capped off)
Hope this helps

Thank you! I’ll check into that and see if it works.

If it helps the vacuum hose diagram for the tilt system in a 69 is located in the Tilt-Away Switch problem… thread. Troubleshooting the tilt system is also there. If you need more vacuum drawings let me know.

Can’t tell for sure how your distributor vacuum control valve / switch is connected, but here is a nice diagram for it.

Thank you all for your help. It turns out the carburetor was not connected to the distributor vacuum control valve and there was an extra hose that did nothing. So, I added a connector hose and matched all the tees up to work. Thank you all for the diagrams, they were truly helpful!