Very Interesting Cougar Literature

My brother-in-law, (a former Shop Foreman at the Ford dealership back home in NY and former 1969 Roadrunner owner w/a 440 6pack) aka a classic car guy, sent me some literature he found at his house. It was two pieces.

The first is pretty cool. It is August 1969 original copy of “A Super Stock & Drag Illustrated” magazine. On the cover is a colored picture of a 1969 red with black stripe Eliminator Cougar and has 302:351:428 Cougar Eliminators printed at the top. The 4 page article is titled “Mercury Gets its Wings”. There are some great shots of the staff having fun running a 351 Eliminator that is being chased by an automatic 428 CJ at the Ford Motor Company Dearborn Proving Ground. Note the low roll angles, was written in the text. :smiley: The article was writing about the 1/4 mile times they got. The 351 (290 HP) with 3 speed and 3.25 rear ran 15’s with a trap of just over 15 sec. The Boss 302 4 speed with 3.50 rear ran 15.48 at 94.24mph and 14.84 at 98.25mph was it’s best time of the day. They then tested a Ram Air 428 CJ automatic with 3.9 traction-lok rear attaining a 14.24 at 98mph on their first run and 13.91 at 103.92mph was their best time for that car. All in all a great article with many great shots and a very positive writing on Mercury and the Cougar, particularly the Eliminator.

The second piece of literature I received I think is even cooler than this. It is an original copy of “1969 Cougar, Facts & Features MANUAL”!! It breaks down for 1969 the two body styles and the four models available for the Cougar. There are pictures and schematics galore. There are lots of numbers for pretty much all the stats for the 1969 Cougar. It has Exterior, Interior and Functional information for all models, plus NEW Optional Features. Talks about the styling highlights. It gets into the breakdown of the color and trim selections for ALL the different models. What exterior colors were available with what interiors. It talks about the 3 steering wheels available and what was standard equipment and optional for all the model Cougars. It goes into great detail as to the different seats available, heating/venting/cooling systems, and 3 premium-quality sound systems (listing transistors and diode numbers for each).

It goes on to talk about the body features that has the breakdown of the frame sections, brake systems, steering systems, rear suspension, front suspension, tires, wheels and more. ALL in one 36 page book.

Has anyone else seen this piece? Sorry if I am boring the group rambling on but I guarantee that if you saw this book you would not stop reading it until you went from cover to cover. I would be more than happy to provide a copy to the ADMIN here that, if they were up to it, could then send out copies to members if requested. Perhaps the CCOA wants to do the same for it’s members and include this in it’s quarterly mailings.

Thanks for reading along. Bill

Does it look like this? Reproductions are available

Bill that sounds like some very good reading material. I for one am all for making it available for members so they can enjoy it also. I hope Bill and Jay along with you can make that happen in a digital format. Thanks for putting the offer on the table.

This is exactly what it looks like. Isn’t that a great piece of Cougar information? I didn’t know WCCC had that peice. Great stuff there. Thanks.

here is the link fellas. Price is very reasonable.