Vic Yarberry of

I just wanted to publicly commend Vic Yarberry for helping me with my steering column wiring. He answered my questions with patience and pointed me in the right direction for what was needed to make everything work correctly.

I’ve been on a lot of forums/boards over the years owning different types of vehicles, and most people just want to get on the forums to talk about their car, what they’ve done or how they would have done this or that differently, sell or buy, or just flame new owners who know little about their car, or cars in general.
The majority just want to drop a quick line and then be gone, few take the time to answer questions thoroughly, giving pictures, diagrams and parts lists, especially to someone who starts at zero on a subject and they have to hold their hand through an install/upgrade.

Vic did all of the above for me, and I greatly appreciate it friend. Both you and Don have helped me a few times and I just wanted to say thanks guys.

I’ll echo this. He’s been working on my sequencer board which is a version he stopped making in 2003 and may well be older than that. Great service.

Vic is the best. :beerchug: :bandit:

Everyday at WCCC we send folks to this site knowing that Vic will give the right info the first time. We will repeat the basics but often our customers have a better understanding of electrical systems then us. We all appreciate what Vic has done for the Cougar Community since the early 80’s. CCOA member #000009 or so?

We all have been lucky to have Vic on our side! Thanks to him we have thousands of Cougars & others cars that have working taillights! He also has been instrumental in wire harness’s that most have no idea he had made for us.

I’ve been lucky to know Vic for decades & also lucky enough to go for a ride in his track cat back in the day when Stapleton Airport was decommissioned & a road race track was setup!

Still have the video… camera lost color about 120Mph! That ride inspired me to make the “RestoMod”.

Thank you Vic!!!

Vic is helping me right now and when I get the part tomorrow from WCCC I hope to have my dash indicators working

Thank you Vic, just put in the correct relay and I now have dash lights