Vintage Shell Commercial with Cougar

Pretty cool -

At 0:22 look for a '67 standard driven (owned?) by race car driver Richie Ginther.

Haven’t seen one of the cans of oil for a long time. Thanks for sharing.

I imagine you’ve also seen the Texaco ad with the White '69 Eliminator?

I could no longer find it on YouTube, except as part of this “Turn in at Texaco” ad (Time: 0:24)
Greg Miller has a longer snip of the Eliminator portion on his FB page;

OK…who here still has a push spout for these old oil cans in their tool box? I do!

That is very cool. I really like the vintage advertising. Even though the film is faded the Cougar looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Still got mine!

Count me in!