Vinyl Top

Looking for information on vinyl top cleaner or dressing…thanks Bev

Ragg Topp works pretty well on our convertible tops, I think they make a vinyl top cleaner too.

I have a white vinyl top and it looked terrible when I bought my car last year. My plan was to replace it. But before that I tried expensive vinyl cleaners and conditioners and all they did was put a luster on the grime. Then quite by accident I used Orange Blast a citrus cleaner from Menards to clean a small spot on the top that I thought was oil/sap residue. Well to my surprise it not only removed that but suddenly the spot was bright white! I got a small scrub brush and went to work on the whole top. When I was done I wiped it off with clean water and the top looked like new. People who had seen the car before thought I had it replaced. It looks that good. I did use the original conditioner on it after to put the shine back on it and to protect it. You did not say what color yours is but I would think it would work too. :dance:

Aerospace 303 for UV protection

Go to a marine suply place and get a bottle of marine vinyl cleaner. Works really well. I got mine at Outdoor world.

When I was young, I worked at a detailing place that had me try to clean a vinyl top. The people had used Armor All on it over and over. With layers of dirt caked in between. After seeing what can happen, I always used a scrub brush and soapy water in a circle motion on my vinyl top every time I would wash the car. Once in a while I would use spray 9 on it and then conditioned it after. I know spray 9 can dry it out, but if you condition it after it will be fine. Mine lasted many years and looked like new the time i had it.