Vote for April 2012 Ride of the Month!

Vote for the April 2012 Ride of the Month!

  • Blackcat 429CJ’s … Triple Black ’ 71 429CJ
  • Rocketman’s 460 powered 1969 XR7
  • SeanD’s 1968 Restomod Custom
  • Harry’s '69 Cougar Eliminator
  • Cougar1’s 1970 Convertible

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It’s time to pick the winner!

This looks like a good group, lots of choices!

If your car was nominated, please post up some more pictures and tell us your story.

First off, Blackcat 429CJ’s … Triple Black ’ 71 429CJ

Rocketman’s 460 powered 1969 XR7

SeanD’s 1968 Restomod Custom

Harry’s '69 Cougar Eliminator

Cougar1’s 1970 Convertible

Not voting yet; but I have it narrowed down to a field of four - and the other one looks pretty dang nice as well.

Time to really look at the pics and make a decision… even if I went with my predjudices, I’d still be “hung up”.

It’s quite an honor to be nominated, thank you. Since the nomination picture was taken in 2003 I have added the vinyl roof & trim. Unfortunately I did not take many digital pictures when I was rebuilding her, and I have not scanned my photos. I am 2000 miles away from her right now, but here’s some more pictures from my gallery here on CCCF:

When I bought her:

What I did to her:

How she looks now:

In a nutshell:

1969 XR7, 460/C6 TCI 2500 stall 9" locker 3.25:1 Aluminum heads & intake, Holly 4V, Duraspark with MSD-6AL. Redid the interior with leather seat kit and running cat mats from John’s, carpeting from ACC. The Shelby style traction bars come & go. She launches just fine without them but I can’t decide if they help the handling or not. She is pretty much as you could do it in the early/mid 70s interior & exterior. The drivetrain is a different story.

I bought her Sept 2, 2000 in West Jordan Utah - just outside of Salt Lake City - and drove her back to NH. We (my wife Cheryl & I) left SLC midday Monday and arrived home in NH about 2 PM on Thursday, She ran like a champ the whole way. No cruise control, no AC and an AM - 8 track. It was a blast.

I drive her wherever she goes - farthest so far is 500+ miles each way to Carlisle All Ford Show in PA. She’s been there twice and of course it poured both times. She likes to cruise Rt 1 along the coast up into Maine and the mountains of Vermont. She handles amazingly well - just don’t tromp the gas in a corner!

In addition to being a fun ride She is the main test bed for my innovations - tach, volt meter, relay kits, headlight motors, programmable wipers… she’s seen it all.

Oh, and she has no name. We refer to her as “The 69”. Always have, I guess we always will.

Thanks for looking.

“The 69” looks MUCH better in her current trim, than the original!!! :thumbup:

The current stance looks great. That’s a huge improvement over the previous pic. Good luck!

That’s funny!

5 really nice choices, this was the toughest one yet.

A big block, big cat on a road course… as much as I love the older cats, that’s just damn cool. :beerchug:

Add in the fact that the picture in the center mirror always looks like you just drove into a tunnel and that’s just plum AWESOME! :beerchug:

No, seriously… a fow-er-twinny-nine in anything is automatically awarded a lot of ‘coolness points’; and for some strange reason I sorta-kinda like the Big Cat’s body lines, including the oversized “sail-panels”.
This beast is definitely in my “Top Two” - even if the front bumper doesn’t stick out far enough to hold your backside while you take a load off your feet!

Oh yeah: E-Bob, I’m now down to 3. It’s getting more subjective now…

Winner-winner, chicken dinner! Congrats, Rktmn!!!

Congrats Rktmn! :clap: Your car is one fine Cat and well deserving of ROTM.

Congrats Bob :beerchug:

Congrats Bob!