WCCC Black Friday?

There’s usually a little banter about a sale this time of year. I haven’t heard anything yet this year. I hope there’s more planned than a rusty metal sign and a $100 shipping discount for spending a mortgage payment.

I just love some of these people.


To be honest, a big sale really creates a lot of anxiety for my crew. I know “everybody does it” but we are choosing to go a little renegade this year and take the lead of some others like REI and say “Go spend time with your family”. What we have noticed is that many orders of about $1000 seem to cost about $100 to ship. Our most popular sales in the past have been a blanket 10% off so instead of focusing on 3 days we decided to spread the work out for our team and just offer the shipping discount all of November. I am hoping this helps meet the expectations of our customers without making the Holidays a time of stress at work. For the first time in years we are able to be liberal with vacation days at this time of the year and it really feels good.

OK I get that. But I would have thought this year would be a huge opportunity for you. There must be a bunch of people pushing to get ready for the 50th. Seems like a great way to get them to spend extra. I don’t know your order logistics, but for me personally I won’t get to the $1000 threshold unless I have a big ticket item to purchase. I would think that would be the same for many?

And besides, it’s kind of an event to look forward to at this time of year.

You mean people that don’t really have anything to offer but post snide comments? Yeah everybody loves those people. :flipa:

I see Al is really feeling the “love”. Can I get a kumbaya?

Like it or not most of us spend more time with the people that we work with than our family. There are days when all I get from my 14 year old is a grunt at breakfast and a “sure” response to probing questions in the evening. My second child is leaving the nest soon and the other 3 will be not far behind. It just seems right to take a day or two off this week. If we have a sale and I take time off, I will have to break the news to my team that not only do they have to work overtime this 4 day weekend, they will also have to do my job. Instead of the dreaded news they get each year on who will work overtime they all will receive a round trip ticket to anywhere in the US. I feel like I am trading one huge opportunity for another. Time will tell if I made a mistake.

Don, I respect your approach.

Hey, dial it down a little - Carlton has contributed a ton to this hobby.

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Meanwhile my goal is to keep Cougar part purchases under $1000 a month. It’s hard.

Don, I hope you and all your employees enjoy the long weekend. The rest of us get to and we’ll all survive until Monday or later if we need to order anything! Maybe a video of you carving a turkey will put everything in perspective. :beerchug:

It is not too late to do a Cyber Monday promotion. Most of your sales will be online anyway and it won’t require the loss of the holiday for you or your crew.

As luck would have it, Andrew instantly vanished to Santa Barbara when he was offered a ticket and will not be back for a week. He is the one who does our email blasts. We will actually be VERY busy the next few days, it turns out quite a few of our customers did in fact need $1000 in parts. The rusty sign was a Birthday gift to me from my crew last week, had no idea what they were up to. Once they saw how much I liked it they decided to offer it on the site. Double Birthday gift as it is selling really well! Bonus for you reading this post, order the sign on our site and mention “ship my sign for free” in the comments section and we will in fact do just that.


Sort of apropos to the discussion, Mall of America is closed on Thanksgiving… http://www.startribune.com/mall-of-america-takes-bold-stand-by-closing-on-thanksgiving-this-year/396016881/

Don, I seriously doubt you’ll be laying on your deathbed, wishing you’d worked more. Those of us that are heading toward the home stretch tend to see things a little differently and priorities change–that’s life. For the first time EVER I am also taking Thanksgiving weekend off…I have pulled this weekend for the past 20-plus years and I want to take the time to hang with my baby–who it seems like was born yesterday but somehow magically became 12 years old overnight. So I’m closing my clinic at 6pm Wednesday and being done until 8am Monday. I’ll have undoubtedly POed my clients as well, but life is all about choices. More power to you and happy Turkeyday to you and your staff!


Hey Al, I’m on your side, I just meant I liked what you said.

Then you have my sincere apology. It did not “sound” that way at all.

Gotta admit, I took it the way you did, Al…maybe we need a ‘tone’ font…