WCCC Needs a list of commonly mispelled automotive terms

Our new version of our site has a search feature that allows us to customize by adding commands like convertable=convertible bezal=bezel and the like. Also… I want to but some word equivalents in for our folks on the other side of the pond like dizzie=distributor boot=deck lid / trunk lid.

Moulding = molding
tranny = trans = transmission (I know this gets a rise out of some people but that’s what we’ve called them for the last 50 years)
grill = grille
tyre = tire

breaks = brakes
grease boot = dust boot = dust seal

Motor = Engine

Do you have a Soundex lookup? That function would take care of a lot of poor (pour, poore, pore…) spelling errors.

Litre Liter

Windshield / Windscreen

I constantly see Dual being misspelled as Duel.

There is also “gauge”, and “gage”. I think it’s mostly a slang term, but it seems to be showing up more in places like eBay and on website marketplaces.

No… Please do tell!

front fender in England is a front wing

Found a list of some British / American automotive terms online… deleted a few irrelevant ones.

British term / American term

accumulator = battery
actuator = switch or servo
baulk ring = synchro ring
bonnet = hood
boot = trunk
bulkhead = firewall
choke tube = venturi
core plug = freeze plug
crown wheel = ring gear
cubby box = glove box or glove compartment
damper = shock absorber
drive shaft = half shaft or axle shaft
drop-head coupe = convertible version of 2 door coupe
earth = ground
fascia = dashboard
gearbox = transmission
hood = convertible top
monocoque = unibody
nave plate = hubcap
nose = front of car
prop shaft = drive shaft
petrol = gasoline
quarterlight = vent window
rev counter = tachometer
ring gear = flywheel gear, or starter gear
saloon = 2 or 4 door sedan
scuttle = cowl
silencer = muffler
sill = rocker panel
suction advance = vacuum advance
sump = oil pan
thrust bearing = throwout bearing
trunnion = sliding or rotating joint (suspension)
Tyre = tire
wheel nut = lug nut
windscreen = windshield
wing = fender

Soundex is what census records use since many names were written down of people who were “just off the boat” as heard by someone working for immigration.



Works for our sort of words too. For example, “carburetor” and “carberetor” both come up as C616

Hope this helps.


Tranny =

“Condensers/Condensors” are known as capacitors, they provide capacitance in an electrical circuit not condensation or whatever.

“710” cap = “OIL” cap…

Oh don’t forget carborator, carberator, carbarater, all those. Pretty much a lot of ways to spell that word wrong, maybe of which look more right than the proper way. :wink:

stearing/ steering