WCCC site hijacked?

Seems like Don’s site has some sort of issue.

REdirect to some web server site & "Formjacking Website 93, & 51 "

Just checked, works fine for me

Just checked as well, worked fine for me too.


They are doing site maintance tonight. Otherwise seemed fine to me.

Cougar Bill, I saw it too last night around 10:30 PM CST. The site “appeared” to be working ok but my Kaspersky Internet Security repeatedly popped a message saying the site was trying to redirect me to some strange URL.

I just checked and it’s still doing it. Here’s the report from my anti-virus…

Works fine here.

Yes it works fine but my anti virus program is reporting it’s doing some suspicious behavior in the background. Some others are seeing it too. I sent Don Rush a message on FB.

When I’m browsing on WCCC, in the background there is a Javascript that’s running every few seconds that is being identified as a Trojan program.

Interesting. I see the .js which is the JavaScript that’s trying to run is coming from the address googlemanager.ru

.ru - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org › wiki
.ru is the Latin alphabet Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Russian … Domain Name System Security Extensions · Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries members · Country code top-level domains …

Interesting place to try and sway the elections… LOL!!!

I did get a call from WCCC and they are looking into it. I have the exact same message & rediredted URL w/ script running in the background…

My corporate Mcafee is reporting it. I cant even get the opening page…Invalid Response…

Dang Russians want to sway the election AND keep us from buying Cougar parts. It was probably trying to redirect us to a Volkswagen site. :laughing:

Thank you all for chiming in! Joshua my IT guy was on it right away but he was able to gain additional insight by reading this thread. All is well, no real harm done and your feedback was helpful!