What are my options?

Replaced my instrument cluster bulbs, with LED’s. Have an issue with getting the cluster with Ammeter and Fuel gauge to light up. After taking the cluster in and out several times, this happened…


They are reproduced. NPD has them.

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Alright I replaced the connector. Got a problem. I must have pinned a couple wires wrong as my left turn signal is lit constant. Lit as soon as I connected the battery. Not blinking, just on. I looked in my manual, but do not see a pin out schematic. In addition, my one gauge cluster with fuel/ammeter is not lit. That was a existing issue before I replaced the connector. All other clusters a lit nicely.

What year and model are you working with? I can probably provide you the proper pin-out.

1970 Xr7 Sorry, I forget that info no longer appears, since the format switch.

For 1970 Cougar XR7

Dash Cluster pin 1 green/black 34 high beam
Dash Cluster pin 2 white/blue 49 RH turn signal
Dash Cluster pin 4 green/white 50 LH turn signal
Dash Cluster pin 5 red 655 ammeter
Dash Cluster pin 6 yellow 654 ammeter
Dash Cluster pin 7 yellow/black 215 low fuel signal
Dash Cluster pin 8 green/red 162 parking brake signal
Dash Cluster Pin 9 yellow/white 29 fuel sending unit
Dash Cluster pin 10 red/yellow 640 coil run signal
Dash Cluster pin 11 violet 520 seat belt signal
Dash Cluster pin 12 black
CVR input power
Dash Cluster Pin 13 red/white 39 temperature sending unit
Dash Cluster pin 14 black/violet 127 door ajar signal
Dash Cluster pin 15 white/red 31 oil pressure sending unit
Dash Cluster pin 16 purple 977 dual brake warning switch
Dash Cluster pin 17 blue/red 19C dash lights
Dash Cluster pin 18 black 57 Ground

Perfect That was just what I needed. Thank you.
Now, how do I track down the cluster, fuel/ammeter that is not illuminated? I am hoping it is the printed circuit, is there a way to test it? Any other ideas I might try?

Do any of the lights work? If so, then the problem lies in the circuit card or, if you’re using LED’s: those are polarity sensitive so simply reverse the bulbs in the sockets.
If no lights work, check the fuse, make sure the headlight switch is pulled out, and rotated all the way past the detent (your courtesy lights should come on). If no lights, try the other direction (I forget which direction to turn for maximum voltage). Test for voltage at the outer fuse clip when at maximum voltage for incoming power to the fuse. If no voltage, the problem is in the headlight switch.

Yes, I am replacing with LED’s. I checked polarity on the 2 bulbs/sockets, for that cluster, and bulbs are good and so is polarity. All other clusters are nicely lit. Outer fuse clip?

If any of the dash lamps are lit, then you don’t have to worry about the fuse clips. The “outer” fuse clip is towards the side, not the interior one.

Are you able to tell me which wires/color code, control the illumination bulbs for the Fuel/Ammeter cluster? The other 3 Clusters are nicely lit. I feel like that particular circuit is not being energized.
I have checked polarity multiple times. LED’s tested as good.
If I turn the lights on, should I be able to check (12v?) where the bulb socket twists in?

Fuel should be yellow/white (29) and ammeter should be red and yellow (655, 654).