What is wrong with this listing...



Well for one, those are Mustang seats.

Also to be technically correct, that 67 color is Trafalgar blue.

Coach Jack

The exterior looks like a 67 XR-7, the interior looks like a 68 standard. I wonder what the VIN and door data plate codes are.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

No XR-7 trim anywhere to be found.

Those would be correct '67 Mustang seats if in the 7th pic the passengers side seat didn’t have the seatback release lever. I agree with Randy on the interior being '68 Standards (trim code would start with a 1 in '68). John

The XR-7 emblem is visible on the roof sail panel and the XR-7 hash marks are on the rocker panels. Those are the only XR-7 exterior trim pieces on a 67.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Looks like a complete 68 standard interior including steering wheel (except last pic with aftermarket wheel) and heater controls.

posted before I looked at the outside pictures. But more then enough to make me wounder inside the car.

I messaged the seller telling him that it wasn’t a XR-7 unless someone put in a standard dash.

Well guess what… they said they swapped in a '68 interior.

Doesn’t that take away everything that makes it a XR-7?
I don’t mind since I prefer standards but it seems to me they harmed the value.

I like the overall look of the car. But there are a lot of questions for me. If the interior was swapped, why? Is the overhead console still in place? If not why? How was the wiring conversion done? Big difference between wiring harnesses for an XR7 dash and a standard Cougar dash.

Even has a '68 steering column…

Without knowing the VIN it would be a good bet they threw 67 fenders on a '68 and then added the XR-7 badge.
I would think that would be the easier approach instead of completely rewiring the car.

I asked about the interior & if the XR7 interior, instrument panel and wiring harness were available. He responded that the interior swap was done in the restoration before he bought it and nothing is available. He also said that he had verified that it’s a real XR7 by decoding the VIN.

Smells hinky to me, I’d be willing to bet if it has an XR7 VIN it doesn’t have them all or they were removed from a real XR7.
I would stay far away from this one.

Well it’s showing as sold, $18,000. I hope the buyer got a real XR7 with standard interior. It just seems like a weird conversion without showing pictures of the door data tag and the Vin stamping.

On the heels of the re-bodied GT-E now we have a re-interiored XR-7!
It is a really pretty car, and I kinda like the combo! Different!
Congrats to the new owner - hope he’ll/she’ll show up here.

…with lots of wiring questions… :smiley:

It is a sharp car, however.

No problem Neal. There are a lot more questions than there are answers with this car. The seller does very little to answer those questions with the information that is included in the listing.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95