What Torque converter do I need

I own a 1968 cougar and I’m swapping a 1976 351w into it. I need to replace the torque converter in my stock 1968 c4 157 tooth 28oz imbalance trans. I will only we cruising and doing a burnout here or there so I need a stall speed around whatever stock was. My bad Torque converter has 4 studs coming off to mount it and I can’t find the one I need. My price range is 200-350 preferably

You will need to know what cam is in the engine to get a matching stall speed. If it’s a stock engine, a good transmission shop can help. Try contacting Marks at Berkshire Transmissions in North Adams MA. 4136633336. Super nice guy, very knowledgeable and president of New England Cougar Club.