Wheel question for 67 Cougar

Hello. My name is Dru. I’m new to the forum. I’m thinking about ordering a staggered set of Magnum 500 wheels for my 1967 Cougar. Can anyone help me with the BF Goodrich tire size that won’t rub? I want to give the car a mean look but don’t want all the complications of rubbing.


15x7 front with 15x8 rear if 15x8 will fit.

15x7 all around

What tire size would I need for each option?

235/60-15 tyres all round, should work on 15 x 8 all round but maybe 15 x 7 on the fronts.

Thank you for the info. What if I go with 15x7 all the way around. Would a smaller size tire on the front do a “staggered look” justice? Or is the 1” on the 15x8’s in the back a better option?

im not sure how well a 235/60-15 will go on the front with a 15 x 8 combo, im sure it will work on the rear tho….

Iv got 235/60-15 with 15 x 8 on the front of my 69 with no issues at all, and i have 255/60-15 on 15 x 10 on the rear with out issues, but i suspect the 67-68 has a smaller wheel arch .

It usually pays to be a bit conservative in your estimations,
Perhaps a tyre company will allow a test fit just to be sure ??

Nice convertible 69. I like that. Yes your right about the size restriction on the 67-68 VS the 69-70 and above. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it. :smiley:

The question you need to ask is what back space on the wheel will go with the tire size to fit properly within the wheel well/opening. So many just go by the wheel size and don’t take the rest into consideration and end up with rubbing on the fender/quarter panel, or on steering/suspension components.

235/60R15 might fit on the back (dependent on backspacing) but they sure won’t fit on the front of a '67. 225/60R15 is iffy. The 69+ models have a little more room in there.