Where can you find hard to find interior fabric

There are many places to buy interior material for your car. But what if your not having any luck finding exactly what you want. Maybe, SMS Auto Fabrics may have what you want. They have a pretty easy to use website, and you can order some samples based on your car interior color codes. My 1970 uses 6Z Dark Tobacco,
and my 68 uses, 6K Light Aqua. Order your free samples, wait a week or 2, and you should receive, something like this.

These samples are great for having paint matched

Just thought I would share. Many people already know this kind of info.

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Great info!

Every time I have used SMS they have disappointed me. Their customer service is terrible. Unfortunately they are the only supplier for many things - and they know it. Prepare for a months long fight.

All true. However, if you can make phone contact, they are nice to deal with. They do tend to take a long time, and they do not initiate any updates to your order. Prepare to wait if you choose to order. Samples, however are fairly quick.

I ordered some samples about 2 years ago. Never showed up.

Distinctive Industries supplies all cougar and mustang dealers. Although TMI also does mustang.