Where Did Everyone Go?

Last year I fell ill with GBS after my second Covid vaccination. I spent most of the past year in rehab and couldn’t spend time working on my Cougars or even out here following everyone’s progress. Now that I have recuperated enough to be back home and able to enjoy this forum again, I don’t see nearly as many posts as I remember. Is interest in Cougars falling off, or did Covid cause the lack of posts, or something else?

I feel a little like Rip Van Winkle. I fell asleep and woke up to things like this:


Is this for real? Have prices gone batshit crazy? I enjoy looking at interesting motorcycles, and I see some pretty crazy prices for those any more.

I’m missing the good old days when I could come out here and read at least half a dozen posts each day on various topics.

My return did prove some things never change. My '69 was absolutely filthy after sitting the past year neglected. although I can barely walk now, I was motivated enough to go out to my shop and clean and wax the car.

I wish you well, and hope you continue to share your love for these cool cats.

Welcome back. Glad you’re doing better. Nice color!

The 1000 bucks you had for car stuff a couple years ago is worth about 300 now…

now 294.


WHOA…275 now??? it hasn’t even been a minute!

291.66 Oh, good, I guess that was just another gouger passing by.


sorry, sold out……… we’ll see what tomorrow brings…if the shipment arrives. They say it is just off the port of Long Beach, ready to unload.

waiting, waiting, waiting……….

4 months later………

FINALLY!!!. Darn, this isn’t what I ordered.

Call again…“yeah, we have that on the shelf” Great!..…….“but we don’t have anyone in the shipping department…”

AHHHHHHH!!! !!!&^$%^&)()(#$!!(@%#^@#$%@#&#$&%&!!!

Better hit that snooze, Rip!

That’s some scary stuff you’ve been through. Hope you get your mobility back. I had some freaky immune problems after my Covid booster too.

Yeah, I saw that “multicolor exterior” Cougar on eBay too. Doubt they have this one on their showroom floor.

Joking aside, I was similarly out of the hobby (Cougars anyway) for a few years. When I came back after starting on my 428 Cj car it seemed quieter. I think FB has taken a lot of the traffic. Unfortunately it seems like the advice is really hit or miss. I happened to know the right answer to someone’s mechanical problem after having it myself, but if he read the rest of the comments he would have spent thousands on the wrong things.

Facebook has definitely taken it’s toll on traffic here. I think that may begin to change though. What I think I see happening is that people who actually know correct answers aren’t posting on Facebook for very long. They get tired of having to defend what they say and being lost in a sea of guesses. Frequently threads collapse into silly arguments about unrelated matters. My contention is that FB will just become less fun and ultimately less used.

On the other hand, FB is incredibly easy for people to post pictures to. For some reason forum software is just not as user friendly. If I could have one wish granted for the forums it would be a simpler way to post images that didn’t eat up so much band width and storage space. It might be worthwhile to see what it would cost to really expand both and then put a number out there to see if it is worth it.

Im loving the Cougar Community here on the forum. This is the only place id take advice from. The only thing I use Facebook for is to see what kind of parts people are offering. Usually thats disappointing as well.

I have been gone for a while too. My problem though was technical, my old computer just would no longer accept the website. So I had to purchase a new computer. I am now back up and running so I am hoping to spend some more time here.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Glad your back up and running Randy!

Hope to see you at Carlisle this summer.

  • Phillip

I’d consider myself one of the “newer” people. I just don’t post as I see most of my questions are answered in previous threads. The only real questions I have would be impossible to answer as I doubt the same person has tried 5 different suspension setups on their car with the same engine etc for example.

I am currently Cougarless.
But still check in here at least daily.