Wild Wes Custom 67-68 Grille

I was browsing eBay and I saw that Wild Wes is selling custom grilles for the 1967-1968 Cougar. This is the same grille that he used on his WildCat 427. Now brace yourself for the price. It is a nice piece of workmanship and fabrication.

Here is an article on how he made the grille.


That is a nice piece of craftsmanship. But it is not for the faint of pocket book.

Holy Spokes…!!!

Glad I own a 69 and don’t suffer from gotta-have-it-itus… :slight_smile:



I can hear the sharks on shark tank now. “Your price point is to high nobody is going to buy it and for that reason I’m out”. it does look like a very well built piece.

My version cost me $0.00

Too Funny!


I like it, however it nixes one of our cars attributes that makes them what they are.

Oh, and also, it’s too expensive.

It does look like good craftsmanship. I just don’t like the look.

I’ll stick w/ my factory grill. Can’t justify the price and/or want to do that to my car when the factory piece looks just fine. Now, the vacuum openers are a different story altogether.

They look like well-made pieces, I’m just not into the see-through grille thing. It kinda defeats the styling purpose of the full-width grille when you can see the headlights through it. I could see maybe using this setup on a race car though, and have air intakes where the headlights would be.

That’s my plan and why you only see two headlights peeking through the grille. Just haven’t finished the air intake yet. Need to figure out how to do it without a hood scoop. So far I just don’t have the room and it would choke it off to much. Another plus it made for a nice weight savings off the front end without all the actuator stuff.