Wire routing - shifter light 1970 FMX with console

Hello Group,

The shifter light never worked since I bought my Cat last year, so I decided today to fix this little bug assuming it would just be a bulb replacement…

Well, looks like not - tried two brand new bulbs (1445) with no success. Long story short, tested 0V between live wire & ground while all dash lights are brightening on strong.

Thought then that wiring was damaged when new carpet was installed (by previous owner), but not so sure after I vainly tried to locate where the wire exits at the front end of the carpet under the dash and then under both sill plates.

So looked at the thing again and realised that the “mini harness” comes in through the side of the shifter box and may be routed underneath the floor?? BTW, both backup lights work perfect.

I am not well equipped to lift the car at the present time… can anyone tell me what the actual routing should be.


The harness for what you are speaking of routes underneath the car and connects to wiring the originates in the engine compartment.

Thank you so much. Found it easy, see pic.
Bottom arrow indicates the light wire while top arrow points at the back-up light harness.
Both are attached together with black electric tape before getting in the trans tunnel… hum was it like that original or does it look like a repair?
Nevertheless, I guess the next step will be to verify condition of the connection at this point and check for current… should do a voltage test this afternoon. Thks again.
EDIT at 8:15PM: I can ligth a bulb with the end of the wire coming from inside the car so it’s got to be in the section running underneath the car… not very pleasant but probably easier than searching/working under the dash!!