Wiring AOD from c4

Looking for a little help splicing my Neutral safety switch. I know that the C4 has a 4 wire plug and I have one of those to splice. The AOD also has a 4 wire plug but the wire colors are different. What I am looking for is if anyone knows what color wires do what on the c4 neutral safety switch so I can simply splice those into the correct wire on the AOD. Lots of diagrams of the AOD switch


but can’t find any of the c4 switch.

thanks for any help or direction pointing.

Back in the day (late 90’s), when Cougar forums were new Bruce Habel had posted the wire colors to rewire to using the neutral safety switch on the AOD. I’m surprised you can’t find the info in a search. I have those colors written down at my shop. But, I won’t be there until Monday.

What ever happened to Bruce Habel? Perhaps that frying pan got the best of him.

I have still been searching the forum and inter web and haven’t found any concrete info on what wires do what. I have read that there are two pairs and it doesn’t matter which wire you use within the pair. Because it is a simple circuit, I just need to figure out what pair does what.

If this is true I should be able to use a light tester and eventually find the pair. Would I know I had the correct pair if the reverse lights turn on?

Use an ohm meter to find which pair is which. If nobody replies by tomorrow morning I will post the wire colors that I have.

Looking at the AOD neutral safety switch from the top there are 4 posts.

9 o’clock is N/S
11 o’clock is N/S
1 o’clock is reverse lights
3 o’clock is reverse lights

On my note I have written down that both wires of the Cougar reverse lights are Black/Red. This would leave the other two as neutral safety.

Thanks for the info, that should be enough to wire it up properly. A lot easier then just guessing.

Just wanted to say I was able to wire up the neutral safety switch today, thanks 9F1H581221

the wiring I did was the

C4 Wire Splice to AOD Wire
Red and Black Splice to Pink
Red and Black Splice to Purple
Red and Blue Splice to White
Red and Blue Splice to Red

I connected the plug from the AOD to the a c4 neutral safety switch wire so I could use the factory plug. I haven’t started the motor yet but was able to get check and the reverse lights turned on when put into reverse.

Awesome, glad to hear it’s coming together.