Work around for retainer washer for mirror bezel

Anyone have a work around for the retainer washer that backs the bezel on mirror remote? Apparently these are no longer in stock and probably will not be for the foreseeable future. Thank you. 1973 Cougar

I have one in my parts stash, just have to dig through to find it. I would sell it for $20 shipped.

Looks like I have two reproductions. I only have 69s now so I don’t need these.

Thanks for digging those out. I had a thought that I should take off the panel and look to see if maybe it went somewhere. I found an old lighter in my other door. Yours look a little different than the ones I see on the WCCC site but I’m assuming it would work. Thank you again.

I tried them on a sport mirror I have and they worked. I found an extra nut (chrome) you can have as well. You can PM me your information and I’ll get this out to you. If for some reason it didn’t work, I would refund you. Happy to help, I know it’s frustrating when the part you need is permanently OOS. Such is the life of a cougar owner!

ok. Thank you. Need a little time to get to that side. Thanks for the offer.