Wow what a great day for the Cougar!(s)!

So, as many of you know, I have been having a nearly impossible time getting my 69 out of the garage, because for the longest time I couldn’t get the hydraulic clutch bled. The engine was new, and had a hard time getting some pieces resolved. Well! My friend from work came over today, and got the clutch figured out!! Got the brakes bled at the master, and did a couple small burnies in the drive way. Then- time for the maiden voyage. No instrument cluster, no back seat, no stereo just the car. Easy on the gravel, out onto the black top, and hammered the gas. That thing pulls like a beast!!! WOW it was fun. The combo seems to work really, really well. So after that nerve wracking waiting for something to fail drive, we got the 1970 convertible to run. Not for a long time, as I found a leaking freeze plug above the starter, but air and fuel and spark, and it ran, and idled. Still no plans to drive it anywhere anytime soon, but now at least I know the engine is solid. No rod knock, or valve train noise today. So another massive win. Then, I met another cougar owner enthusiast, who made me a really good deal on some new leafs for a 70, and threw in a trunk lid and 67/8 hood, that already has a hole in it for the GT/ Eliminator scoop! Man what a good day for the projects!


Congrats on a good day in the garage. Anyone who’s had a bad day in the garage will tell you just how much of a relief / high it is to really make some solid progress!

you have a 69 but he threw in a 67/8 hood? some of us NEED those LOL lucky dog … trunk lid too. LOL

I have a 67,8,9 and 70. The hood has a large square hole cut out of it, which doesn’t hurt my feelings, as I can use it for a taller intake and save my good extra hood. The trunk lid doesn’t fit a cougar after all. It looks more like a Buick part. But yes, sometimes you get lucky with parts!