Wrecks to Riches 67 T/A replica for sale

Hello , this is Jim.
I just thought it would be reasonable to put his up to the community . The Barry White T.V. car is available for ownership.
I’m 3 of the 5 steps into placing the car into the Barrett - Jackson auction this January . My thought was that there might be someone interested here. I would much rather sell the car to someone that knows volumes more about the build and the
quality of it.
My asking price is 29,000 dollars. As with anything , I’m open to all offers.
Since purchasing 5 months ago , I have put 40 miles on the car. Miles on the build is 385 or so. It is detailed . Sits in my garage , and is ready to burn gas anytime.
Any questions ? Happy to answer , thanks , Jim

Post up some photos, jog my memory!


So have you done anything to the car since you bought it from the guy in Scottsdale? I had Bill Basore go look at the car for me and he sent me a ton of pictures. I made the onwer a couple offers but we were about $2000 apart at the time.

Thanks John , and yes I have. I have spent 2200.00 @ my favorite new shop called Hot Rod’s by Hoots in Surprize AZ.
To describe what they have done would be this. I had 2 oil leaks fixed . One @ dash gauge and one @ oil pan. Wiring under dash was not detailed. I believe that Barry White had a sound system when they first built the car . That was gone when I got the car . The car is scheduled for 1 more visit to Hoots Rod Shop , I’m not happy with the way the Baer GT2 brake system is feeling. They are a dealer for Baer and this is their home city. I want to make sure the brakes really function at their maximum and there is an adjustable brake bias device just under the L.F. frame dogleg . The Rod Shop spent approx 4 days just going over tightening / torque on every nut and bolt , and adjusting a cable system that holds the rear end in position . So now , it is really ready for the road. And that is what this car is all about .
I do have a professional set of pictures that were done for the car when I submitted to B-J. I will try to post.
And there are several individuals that would verify exactly how the car looks today. The shop that has been doing the work is ironically 2 blocks from Kevin Marti’s new venue, and Kevin has seen the car up on their hoist.
The car is quick , harsh and tight. And, there are some drawbacks. I thought that I was prepared for the feel , but unless you are prepared for EXACTLY what a 1967 Cougar REAL Trans Am would feel like with about an extra 100 H.P. and monster brakes it will overwhelm you. Combine that with a Tremec 6 speed and the top speed of the car encourages triple didget foolishness. There are a few pictures of the car on previous posts , if anyone needs to see it now.
" Wrecks to Riches " thread Sept 25th , Matt , And my initial post " Noobie from AZ " June 19th.
I would also like to add a slightly smaller tire for front tire clearance , there is a rub while turning hard from the R.F.
Cheers , Jim

Yes, I went back and read the old posts. I knew it needed some repairs which is why I was unwilling to pay the guy what he wanted. Good luck with your sale. Hopefully there will be some deep pockets again at BJ.

Here’s some new photos of the Cougar! Hope this helps.
This is 3 of 13 pictures, if you need more PM me and I’ll email them to you directly.

Hi from Jim in AZ.
This is sort of a last call on the Wrecks to Riches car. Barrett - Jackson called this afternoon. Indicated that my docket number would be #64. All that is left is to send them back the signed contract . # 64 put’s me into Tuesday , the first day.
That IS the opening day. Sort of the bad part. However , # 64 WOULD put me on TV @ 5:00pm … That is a really sweet time. I believe that I asked for a 5pm time slot , 7 pm on East Coast…
If anyone has any advice for me , always open… Thanks , Jim

I believe this is the end of this thread… Or maybe the beginning.
I paid my entry to Barrett - Jackson , and the car is in the sale . It will cross the block Tuesday Jan 15th at approx. 5:00 pm.
This is officially the largest roll of the dice that I have ever made. I have been at the auction for the last 4 years , and have never thought that I would be in the consignor position first… Such is life.
Here is kind of a crazy addition to being part of the sale . I’m also approved to be a bidder based on the value of my car.
Plus the seat access passes , and of course the reception/beverage hosting.
Because the Cougar drives like somewhat of the beast it is , I will be driving it on to the stage . O.K. maybe I just want to
feel the experience more , or potential T.V. time , whatever.
Now after talking to my sales guy @ B-J , I indicated to him that I might even be interested in buying something else if so motivated , but because I do not function with a dealers license , I can NOT see adding the buyers 10 % , plus the local 8.??
something sales tax . Well I hope you see where I’m going with this.
Bottom line. My next stop will be final prep / detail , sell @ B - J .
If any of you will be attending , stop by , or get a hold of me… It should be a unique experience.
Thanks , Jim

BAust, (Brian) should be good for advise on the auction, since he put his GTE in not long ago.
All the best to you, I hope you do well.

Good luck on the sale. Should be interesting. I think you will age 5 years in the next 2 months. Looking forward to seeing cross the block.

Good luck with your sale. I’m sure this must be nerve wracking but in the end enjoy the experience. I look forward to seeing your Cougar cross the block. I hope it gets great TV coverage and nets you the big dollars!


I’m sorry I just now saw your post…I’ve frankly been enamoured with this car since I first saw it on TV. You’ll do fine, I’m sure. The key, I think, is getting your car there as EARLY as possible…as the more people that see it, the better. And if you can start it up…do it as often as you can :licka: You mentioned the detailing-remember that it is seriously DUSTY there and you’ll likely be miffed at the condition of your car really quickly. I was. Dust, handprints from handlers, etc. But the lighting there makes all of the cars look great. As long as you don’t have all kinds of marks and scratches on the surface, you’ll look just like the other cars if you’ve gotten it any kind of good detail before shipping. I’m just saying to be prepared for this and not to get too much energy/worry into being all anal about it, because imperfections happen. They didnt’ affect my car’s sale one bit. A professional or good buyer knows what a good detailing does for the car when it get’s bought and delivered anyway.

My GT-E was not allowed to be started at all, and I stood there for 4 straight days with her, answering questions, etc but could never run it because it was indoors…that was great for traffic and for attracting the “Big Boy” buyers, but it was not great for the 30k$ buyers. I think there will be a LOT of that type of buyer around, but Tuesday is really early on in the week, so you’ll definitely want to be around the car a lot to answer peoples’ questions. Have as much documentation and photos there with you as you can. I also put a photo album together on line so that the buyers could browse over it for weeks prior to the auction. It is what attracted my buyer to the car, as a matter of fact. Word of mouth…photobucket.com or somthing like that is a valuable tool to make hundreds of pics available for people to view a their leisure, and it lends a lot of credability.

I had one of those electronic picture frames near my car so people could just stand and see the restoration, etc. I’d recommend that to anyone. It’s a lot easier than using a photo album. Have a Battery pack/transformer setup there to run it, perhaps.

Also, don’t go too overboard with the signage, I say…when it is cheezy and overdone, it’s easy to come across that way, IMO. I’d just let the car speak for itself and the word will spread and you can do a lot of the talking yourself. You’ll undoubtably get tons and tons of questions out of lurkers pretending to be bidders. That is the nature of things. But the obvious buyers will let you know it…

Also, take a piece of documentation or a note card or a flyier card there in volumes to hand out to people. I had a 5x7 card made with pictures and the lot number and date/time put on it to hand people. And VistaPrints.com is good with this and is very economical.

Just some thoughts…give a private message if you like and we can talk. Mostly, remember that this whole experience is fantastic. I’d love to be there this year but doubt it’s gonna happen. Enjoy being a bidder and enjoy some cocktails. Enjoy the people and don’t let the threat of the car selling too cheap scare you. There are thousands of potential buyers there…and with the auctioneers working the car well, you’re going to have it in a very good arena for this type of car.

It’s a special Cat, it should do well. I can’t imagine that your down side is any less than a couple or four thousand less than your asking price. The exciting part , though, is the gravy that comes if two people or more start battling over it. That’s what we all hope for! It is a gamble, but you are also buying yourself an experience, so enjoy the process and don’t worry…the nerves will be overwhelmed by the fun-factor. :slight_smile:

Good luck! B

Wow , Brian , lots of very good stuff.
3x5 Cards . I’ve seen done , and yes it always looks professional. Will attempt. And NO , no cheesy big poster board.
Perhaps , DVD of the TV show , on portable player. I did talk to Barry White , and he is trying to procure a copy.
I live on the west side of Phoenix , so I will be "driving " the car in on Saturday Jan 12th.
Question , did you use the B-J approved on site detailer ? I was considering their pro detail hours before the block time ?
I do hope to meet a few of the Cougar Faithful , at the sale…
I hope to have a couple of lawn chairs , and perhaps a cooler of whatever by the car…
Again , Brian , really good info. Thank’s , Jim .

I just watched this episode again tonight, it’s the only one I kept rather than deleting and have watched a couple times. My favorite part is when they’re taking apart the first one that they didn’t end up using because of the rust, and they’re realizing how many parts there are to a Cougar.