XR7-G Update

XR7-G Update

Since it’s arrival my brother Dennis has continued to get mechanical issues taken care of. After sitting for many years certain areas must be addressed. First order of business are the brakes. A new master cylinder and brake booster have been purchased. The master cylinder seemed to be leaking into the power brake booster so those will be replaced. A new water pump was purchased and is set to be replaced. The carbuerator has been adjusted because the engine was idiling high and rich. The engine is now running good.

The cosmetic issues are also in the works. I purchased a used but proper XR7-G (Lime Frost) hood scoop from Scott Gregory. It needs some minor repairs in a couple of areas but it will be good to have the proper type of hood scoop with the car in the event that the decession is made to replace the GT-E style hood scoop that is currently on the car. A replacement Lucas fog light lens was also purchased so the cracked lens on the passanger side could be replaced.

More updates to follow…


Looks great. Where did you find the lens.

i got mine from ebay.co.uk

can even get nice NOS ones


Steven - I would be interested in the GT-E scoop should your brother decide to get rid of it.

I’ll keep you in mind if the decision is made to get rid of it. I’ve already been asked by another GT-E owner.

I purchased the entire fog light from Scott along with the hood scoop. I checked the link that Leon provided in the other post and that was going to be an option if I could not find one.


The “made in England” Lucas lights aren’t the correct original light, but a good replacement that only a handle full of Cougar owners and most Shelby owners would notice the difference. The original Lucas lights have just “England” on the glass part# C8WZ-15L203-A. The wiring plug is a little different as well. The last NOS correct Lucas light I seen went for over $1,000 for the pair. I have a NOS pair of the “made in England” lights for $600 if someone is interested in them. I figure maybe someday I would use them on a restomod project.

Brian you are correct. When I purchased my fog light from Scott he pointed out the differences between the two lights. It will make a good replacement for light with the cracked lens, so I’m happy. If somebody ever points out the “Made in England” Dennis and I will know they are a true Cougarholic. So that will be cool! :thumbup:

I see that the “G” scoop is painted inside the openings. Were they painted like this or just body color?

This is correct for a G…low gloss black inside the nostrils, just like the GT-E scoop would be…

This one is pretty!

Wow - the value of my three Jag sets just went up.

A new reproduction leather upholstery front seat kit was purchased from WCCC’s. It should arrive soon, so I have a question. After searching the boards I haven’t found a clear cut answer. Is the process to change the seat covers something that can be done at home or should it go to the upholstery shop? If someone has done it at home do you have any advise that can be shared. I looked online and found a couple of websites that cover how to do Mustang upholstery at home. I know there is a difference between the Mustang and Cougar seats but I feel the fundamentals should be the same. Am I way off base? Feel free to give your thoughts.

It would be unusual for a 45 year old seat to not need repairs beyond coverings. Bent coils, rotted base webbing, twisted seat backs and deteriorated foam are a few things that come to mind. One thing you will need if DIY is a portable steamer to soften the leather to make it pliable. Another thing is a super solid carpeted work surface that you can put your weight over and maintain balance… a clean carpet remnant on the floor would work well. I’m sure you could tackle the install yourself…just be prepared for additional repairs. http://www.mustangmonthly.com/techarticles/mump_1005_1966_ford_mustang_gt_tmi_products_bucket_seats_restoration/viewall.html

P.S. Two important things that I have learned through several upholstery installs; Do not over-stretch your material…the finished product will look flat and make sure to take your time when centering patterns.

Thanks so much for the advise. I looked at another Mustang Monthly article ( http://www.mustangmonthly.com/howto/mump_0905_how_to_reupholster_seats/viewall.html ) but it never hurts to hear and see what others have done.

That article covers some of the additional points I mentioned; steaming and centering your patterns. Instead of using silicone spray…baby power works well and it is easier to clean off. I especially like how they show the approach to installing the listing…something that would be difficult to convey with words alone. The most nerve racking part of an upholstery install is centering and the stretching of the sides too begin fastening…you’ll be tempted to over-stretch to ensure wrinkle free side panel fit. That’s where the steam, for leather, is important to relax corners and rounded edges. By the time you recover your second seat…you’ll know twice as much than you did on the first…in short, recover the seat that gets the least visual attention first. BTW the Home Depot or Lowes sells a small multi-use steamer, which could be used later on engine detailing and other degreasing projects. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=202719943&storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&ci_sku=202719943&ci_kw={keyword}&kwd={keyword}&cm_mmc=shopping-_-googleads-_-pla-_-202719943&ci_gpa=pla#.ULr8nGfAGso

That’s a wealth of information. The link to the steamer at Home Depot is great. I was figuring more than likely we would have to see if the local rental center had one and then weigh our options about doing this project. Thanks so much for your replies and tips.

I need some help figuring the correct size trim rings for a set of steel styled wheels. The steel styled wheels are going to be used on the G for normal driving saving the Rader wheels for show duty. The rims are 14 inch with a measurement of 6 inches from inside of bead to inside of bead and 7 inches from outside of bead to outside of bead. The trim rings that were on the rims were scuffed and need to be changed along with adding XR7G center caps. WCCC’s shows listings for multiple rings and I just want to make sure I know which are the correct size. I like the idea of using the chrome ring instead of the stainless factory type.

Here are pictures of the trim rings I have that came off the wheels

I took this set off an XR7G. We put NOS on instead. They are in pretty good shape for originals.


John thanks for the reply. I was looking at the repro chrome style. I have two sets of the stainless originals with minor scuffs, I was just thinking the chrome might really pop.

Heres a photo of a G wheel with the Chrome Trim Rings I bought from Don.

Scott thanks for sharing the photo. The chrome trim ring really looks good. I looked and right now they are out of stock at WCCC’s. I’ll pick up a set when the site shows that they are available.