XR7-G's for sale May 25 2022

A very good unrestored original G is for sale. The car is located in NJ. One repaint years ago. Very complete from the photos. Contact me if there is interest. The seller is motivated. The car is licensed, running and driving.

The Black Cherry exterior, red interior and black vinyl top were a popular combination then and now. It’s a Hertz Rent - A - Racer, with the original 390GT engine.

Showing 55,0059 miles which appears to be accurate.

Link to pictures:


Hi Royce,
I am very interested, do you know what they are asking.
Thanks, Craig

No. Send me a PM and I will send you the owner’s info.

This is a very original G. I’ve never crawled under it and given it a super close inspection, but appeared nice and solid the many years the previous owner took it to Carlisle.

Besides the repaint Royce mentioned, it does have reproduction Marchal fog lights on it.

Here are some detail photos I’ve taken of it through the years.

Here is a larger shot of the Marti

With XR7-G’s it is important to note that the tires called out on the Marti Report are not what came on the car originally. The tires shown on the Marti Report are what were on the car when it was transported to AO Smith from the Dearborn Assembly Plant. After the conversion to XR7-G this car would have had Rader cast aluminum 14" X 6" wheels and BF Goodrich FR70-14 whitewall tires, as was the case with all of the Hertz XR7-G’s.

Looks to be a beautiful XR7G


When I was 17 years old, I purchased my mom’s 68 burgundy (black cherry) XR7, 302 4barrel, black vinyl top, with A.C.
In my later years, I have craved owning another burgundy Cougar.

Is this car still for sale?

Thank you,

this one is on craigslist now for 45k

Still for sale.

Hey Royce,

Did this car ever sell? Nice looking car with great history - if not, I’m surprised!


No reports that it sold. Suggest you look at it in person if you are interested. I did.

Thanks Royce,

I may do that!