xr7g grille badge.

Working on restoring my head light door for my g car and I am missing the round mounting bracket with 3 studs. Dose any one
have pictures of this bracket, diameter of the bracket and what
size the studs are? Cannot find this bracket so I need to make one.

Thanks Scott

Bill Basore should have the print. Use to be on this site but looks like they were removed or I’m not looking in the right spot.

Here is a picture of a grill emblem bracket that I used to have.

Sorry, the perspective is looking straight down on it.

I will find my copy of the blueprint and post that too.

Checked through my copies of the engineering drawings and I don’t seem to have the one for this bracket.

  • Phillip

Thank you for posting that.

I’ve made several of them in the past. The three studs are #6-32 all thread countersunk screws. The sheet metal circle is .036" steel sheet. I used 4130N material. Two of the holes are existing holes for the deleted standard grille plaque. One hole is added. The diameter needed to pick up the two holes gives you the needed diameter for the part.

The three holes are drilled in the material #27 AWG then dimpled. Three MS21042-06 nuts are used to secure the studs. Then three more of them are used to secure the plate to the grille.

Thanks Royce this is good Information.

Judging by the instructions to cut the badge adhesive pads to 2 3/4" diameter that should be the number for the mounting bracket too. Link:

These were originally made by AO Smith with #8-32 thread serts. Edge distance is sketchy drilling a hole that size so I changed the stud size to #6 on the ones I make. Plus I don’t have the tool to install thread serts, it looks sort of like a Pop Rivet gun but is specific to that fastener.

Mine didn’t use existing holes, another G variable?,

Two of the three studs use existing holes. One new hole is drilled by AO Smith. Never seen it any other way.

Thanks again for the info