0F91G512239 Unrestored Comp Blue/Black

I acquired the Boss 302 Eliminator in Waco, TX that has 30,206 original miles on it and has been sitting since 1981. I picked the car up on June 9, 2015. On Thursday, June 11, I stopped at Frank and Sharyn Bower’s place in OK, as Frank had offered to help me get it running after it’s long hibernation. We were able to turn the motor easily with a 1/2 drive rachet, pulled spark plugs and found them and cylinder condition to be excellent. We placed a fresh battery in the tray, pulled the rotor and coil wire and the starter spun the engine. We were able to get a good oil pressure reading by cranking/resting the engine through several cycles.

The next step was to put fresh gas in the carb, which resulted in immediate fuel leaks. We pulled the carb and all of the gaskets had dried up, the metering blocks and bowls appeared to be freshly cleaned inside, so we replaced the gaskets and bolted the carb back on and filled it with fuel. We disconnected the fuel line at the pump and ran a rubber fuel line to a gas can of fresh non ethanol premium. We reinstalled the rotor, connected up the coil wire and turned the key;


Next we checked the brakes, we cleaned the old fluid out of the master cylinder, put in fresh fluid, pulled the rear drums (original shoes still in place), found we could not turn the passenger front wheel, pulled the caliper and cleaned out all of the mud daubers. We then bled for a pedal.

Next we put the borescope into the fuel tank. The tank was empty and clean. We poured in some fresh gas and had to replace the rubber fuel line under the drivers seat at the torque box as well as the rubber line from the frame rail to the fuel pump. Started it up and checked for leaks. It then moved under its own power for the first time in many years.



The plan is to carefully clean and document the car. I will be posting photos in this thread as various markings are found.

A special thanks to Frank and Sharyn for their hospitality and assistance.

Nice work Dave!

Congrats, Dave!

Great to see her come back to life!

Pictures taken in Wister, OK on 6/11/15

Always a thrill to find one like that. Did Frank use to own it? You need to have it at MCACN in November.

Excellent! Great to see it moving and stopping, and nice details on what you did to bring it out of hibernation. I wouldn’t know where to start.


No, I purchased it from the widow of the original owner. The car came with all of it’s paperwork, including a letter from the salesman who I met while in Waco. He is the son of the dealer principal and still works at the dealership. He also is the one that spec’d the car in 1969. When I told Frank that I had purchased it and would be picking it up, he was kind enough to suggest that I bring it up to his place and we would get it running.

I spoke with Bob Ashton yesterday and it is scheduled to be part of the “Class of 1970” display at MCACN, but it should also be at the Nationals in Sturbridge in October.

Wow, unbelieveable Dave! Congrat’s. This makes three '70 B302 Elim’s and one you previously owned and sold? Guess it’s fair to say you have an affinity (and the pocketbook!) for these cars? Holy Cow!

Congrats Dave! Sweet car - and it definitely went to the right person!

*Loved seeing the video’s of it coming out of the garage and up into the trailer. Cool pics of some of the details too! Rocker blackout paint splatters? Yeah, I can do that! (my rockers are no longer black, but I hope they will be again someday) LOL!

I feel certain that Dave put in the work to earn “the brass ring”, but (being a tad jealous), it should of course have gone to me!

Bob with your talent, you need to bring one back to life that no one else could consider touching. This car would drive you crazy because there is nothing to do but clean it up and preserve it in its original condition. Find that rust bucket GT-E or G car and save it!

Good point Bill! However, I’d like to think that that there is that infinitesimal chance that I have learned how much better my head feels when I stop banging it against the wall! :buck:

Maybe in a couple of years when I retire I will - once again - think that eating rust for multiple years is a fine idea…

If nothing else, it saves you from having to take an iron supplement…

I wondered who would buy this one and now, I wonder why I wondered. Grats to ya, Dave.


Congrats on getting the car and glad to see it went to someone who appreciates it for what it is. Glad it was in good shape and minimal effort to get it to run. I look forward to your posts on what you find.


talk about a garage find…congrats on the new addition.

Congrats - nice looking car and I love the color.

Wow. She’s a beauty