0F91M507876 - Pastel Blue / Black Int


'70 w/ 351, auto. Pastel Blue (currently Comp Orange), black interior. Build sheet and other docs. In CA for $29,990.

Text from the listings…

Nice restored and highly documented Eliminator. Includes build sheet, Ownercard and original widow sticker.

Known History
This 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator two door hardtop (Stock # 30841) is available in our Redwood City, CA showroom and any inquiries may be directed to us at 650-276-5400 or via email at > Sales@SpecialtySales.com> . Pristine 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator. Up for sale today is this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator two door hardtop with Competition Orange paint and its original black interior. It features the numbers-matching 351 CI V-8 engine with the original FMX automatic transmission and it comes equipped with factory Whisper A/C, power steering, power front disk brakes, the Competition Handling package and other standard features. The only modifications to this iconic classic are a mild camshaft and a Demon carburetor in place of the original 4BBL. Fully Restored in Early 90’sThe current owner of this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator has had it in his possession for the past 13 years, and informed us that it was fully restored sometime in the early 1990’s. While he believes that the 59,337 miles are original, we cannot prove that fact so we are only mentioning it. What we can prove, however, is that the entire drivetrain is original as is the every major mechanical component except for the camshaft and carburetor. For this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator, we have lots of original documents including the owner’s card, the window sticker, the owner’s manual and the Mercury build sheet. Besides the minor modifications listed above, this vehicle is 100% original and it is in fantastic overall condition. It still drives like a classic muscle car should and it really gathers lots of attention wherever it goes.100% Authentic w/ Original Window Sticker. Given this 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator’s sample documentation and excellent overall condition, we feel that it is likely one of the nicest original models available on the West Coast at this time. It’s an absolute steal at the current asking price and given this vehicle’s rarity, it will be sold in a flash. For more information about this vehicle, visit our Redwood City, California showroom, give us a call, or email us at > Sales@SpecialtySales.com> . Be sure to mention stock # 30841 as well. The information presented for this vehicle is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed as a basis of purchase. The Buyer should make a thorough, independent inspection and investigation of the vehicle prior to purchase.



Hey Fellahs,

I had the chance to see 0F91M507876 in person last week while on a business trip in the Bay Area, where it is for sale at a local dealer.

One of the other forum members expressed interest in it, so I took some notes…

I got to the shop just before they closed and didn’t get as much time to check out the car as I had hoped. I also didn’t have time for a test drive or mechanicals / electrical inspection, but it was still warm from them having taken it out for a cruise.
I spoke with the mechanic a bit and they plan to change the trans fluid, so there may be an issue there, although they said they were just being proactive.
Mechanic and one of the salesmen both said the car cruised well and had no driving issues. The mechanic said it was so much better to drive than any of the vintage mustangs they’ve had.
I did note that there was coolant on the floor under the car, so it did burp after the drive, but coolant looked fresh so maybe it had been recently topped off / overfilled.

My impression is it is a very nice driver. You could take it to small shows or cruise-ins and be proud, maybe take home a trophy from small local shows.

Paint seemed pretty good. It shows minor orange peel comparable to most new cars, as well as some scuffs and rock chips here and there. Lots of shine to it.
Almost looks like the outside had a fairly recent respray in orange, but if so they sprayed the door jambs but they didn’t respray the inside / underside of the doors themselves.
Pretty thorough job on the color change with not a lot of overspray, but some of the chips down low / under rockers and inside doors / jambs show the pastel blue.
Some overspray on driver’s mirror and inside the door jams on the very edges of the interior trim and door seals underneath.

Body appears straight - I think a small ding on driver’s rear quarter. I didn’t have my magnet, so I couldn’t check on filler.
I did not see any bubbles in the door corners, but paint has something going on around the driver’s door handle area and on the quarter just behind the drivers door handle.

All of the stripes are actually painted on instead of being decals, except on the rear spoiler (it is decal).

All of the body gaskets, like around the door handles and side markers should have been replaced - they are showing their age.
Side marker bezels need cleaned up / restored, as does the trim around the front grille.
The front grille, grille chrome trim pieces and rock guard show some dings / chips.
Looks like a repro front spoiler, but I could be wrong - the texture on it doesn’t seem quite right.
Repro wheel center caps
Headlight doors stayed down while I was there (about ½ hour, and the car had probably been sitting for an hour before I got there – it was warm but not hot). Headlight door springs were latched correctly and not “relaxed” against the grille screws.

Underside looked good, but I didn’t have a flashlight :-/
Rear gear side of the pumpkin doesn’t look quite right to me ~ probably been replaced and not the original gears.
Looks like the underside had been sprayed black, and it showed a bit of orange overspray under the sides like you might expect.
Pans and torque boxes looked great. I think the exhaust pipes may be original back to the mufflers. It does have replacement mufflers and rear shocks.

Under hood is unrestored, so a lot of peeling paint on components, as can be seen in the pics.
The engine compartment looks pretty much untouched except for replacement of wear items (battery, coil, etc).

Interior was pretty nice - new repro carpet, good dash and bezels, good headliner, and rear package tray looks original.
Clock worked, but it was a ticking / quartz movement.
Driver’s seat foam was breaking down and shedding onto the carpet below, and had a split in the outside of the bolster.
Not sure if it was original comfort weave or not. It had “age” to it, but it seemed a little more “flat” than the comfort weave in my own car. Due diligence on this.

Mechanic called it a “#2 condition”, but I don’t agree with that. A #2 is supposed to be a “show car”, and it simply isn’t in what I would call “show car” condition. Yeah, it looks great on the outside. But once you get close enough to see the details, or look under the hood, you realize it still “needs” work.
I would put it more like 4 to 3 - complete, nice, 20 footer with some obvious issues on close inspection. The ad says it was restored in the '90’s, so an older restoration.

That being said, the car looks great, it is a real Eliminator, and it has no apparent rust, a nice set of options, it is supposed to be numbers matching and it’s complete. The overall appearance of the car from the outside is good.