0F91M514684 - Comp Gold / Black Interior

1970 Eliminator
351C / 3-speed
Competition Gold / Black Standard Interior
Drum brakes, manual steering, no console.
Tach and clock present, original radio is missing.
36,000 miles

James is the 2nd owner and purchased the car in Aug 1975. The car has been sitting since 1989 but was last started / run about 2 or 3 years ago (“if you pour gas in the carb it will run”). He says the car has the original glass, original engine and transmission, original interior (front seats are “busted” but back seats are “ok”), dash is “gone” (bad condition, but not missing),
I asked about rust… “some rust in the quarters and trunk, floors are hard and body is hard”.

I did get a few pictures of the trunk and interior, but no engine bay or underside pics. Cell phone pics, so quality is not great.