0F91M518429 - Comp Orange / Houndstooth

0F91M518429 (http://chicago.craigslist.org/nch/cto/4045363195.html)

Seller (Bill) was in a Cougar club in Wisconsin, and bought this Eliminator in 1996 from a woman who he claimed had 18 other Cougars. She purchased the Eliminator in 1990 after it had sat “buried in a haystack for a while”, which is where it had ended up when the kid(s) who owned it at the time had been hotrodding around. Apparently the parents took the car away and eventually sold it to the lady, and then she had to sell when she moved to Florida.

Bill has an original sales sheet / invoice for the car that lists the Eliminator option (suggested $129.60), and a total price of $3321.47.
The dealership was Leyda Motors Inc in Richland Cntr (Center?), Wisconsin, and it was sold on October 25th, 1969.

1970 Eliminator
Competition Orange
Houndstooth interior
351 / Auto
Power Steering
Power Brakes
AM radio (currently missing)

Odometer shows 20,300 miles (not the 23k listed in the ad).

Bill also has an Eliminator Stripe Kit that came with the car when he bought it, that will go with the car when sold.

He is looking for “under $10k” for the car.


travs69 (from MC.net forum) inspected the car and had this to say;

Re: '70 Eliminator in Chicago
Not mine. I went and looked at it. Not solid by any means don’t believe the description. floors shot, torque boxes shot, frame rails not so good, trunk floors to me not so good, rear body brace not so good, quarters shot, wheel houses questionable, left side of car is blue underneath the orange but yet the window sticker does say comp orange, Not sure what the deal is with that. deck lid shot, hood not so good, been replaced once already, rear spoiler changed kinda ruff, left fender junk. hes sees eliminators worth 100 thousand, I explained that they are restored boss 302 cars worth that and a 351c automatic is a $25,000 car restored. I was going to offer him about $4,000 I couldn’t bring myself to offer $5,000. When we talked on the phone he was between 5 and 10. It runs ok but also has the wrong carb on it. the carb was a 1973 motorcraft. wheels are shot tires are generic the mechanical work looks like something you might get at the shade tree mechanic shop. perhaps I am being too critical but I have done bodywork most of my life and know what I am looking at. I however am not an expert on eliminator values, maybe they are worth more than I think, But 351 4 barrel automatic eliminator is not all that big of deal. What do you think the car is worth. by the way the pictures are pictures of a crappy cell phone screen.

The driver side shock tower brace is bent pretty good, fuzzy picture makes it so that one can’t tell about the shock tower.

It does have intermittent wipers.

Is the intermittent wiper control the gray box just above the bent shock tower brace?

Yes, it is.