0F91Q542835 - Comp Orange / Black Int - SCJ


1970 Eliminator
Competition Orange
Black standard Interior
428 SCJ (4.30 gear / super-drag-pak)

This is Denny’s (calypsocoral70) SCJ Eliminator. Sale listing here; http://www.mercurycougar.net/forums/showthread.php?66953-70-Eliminator-quot-Q-quot-code
Other related links; http://www.classiccougarcommunity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=3221

Other Info from the Owner (Denny);

Currently has a non-original engine and C-6 Auto transmission. Solid, strong running daily driver.
I have owned this car for about 18 years and it has been kept in a heated garage.

I put an ‘A’ block 428 punched .030, Lunati cam, windage tray, Holley intake and carb, crane pointless ignition w/rev limiter and Hooker Super Comp’s with extensions to hook to the side pipes. It has a 1ua scj crank.
The trans is a TCI street fighter C6 with a TCI Saturday night converter.
The ram air is long gone as well as the dual horns but the oilcooler, which is hooked to the trans, is there.
Now has a 391 detroit locker.
The odometer shows 39,000 miles and I’m thinking is for real.
No power steering an no power disc brakes.

The interior is black standard with one bad spot on drivers high back, door side lumbar area bottom of the back. The driver door has very small bubbles at bottom corner latch end.

The driver side floor, at seat area, is a little buggered up from what looks like different seat bolt down.

I have put a custom made side stripes, a racing stripe from the hood scoop across the top and trunk and chrome side pipes on it. Clock and tach work. After market steering wheel and floor shifter.

There is a sticker on drivers quarter window stating “class winner” at Connecticut Dragway. Can’t confirm, but with out power robbing stuff it’s possible. I have been told the dragway has been closed for a good while. I also believe that the dealer is gone if I remember right.

The fact that there is no indication it was a 4 speed puzzles me. It’s like the dealer changed it over. The pedals are completely changed, hole plugged, speedo cable changed and the spot where you find the z-bar mount on the frame is as nothing was there. Certainly was not a backyard change over as we might have done in the day.

4.30’s and a 4 speed…bet that thing wound up tight on the highway. Neat car.

Looks automatic to me judging by the shifter and the size of the brake pedal.

That whole car wouldn’t take much to bring right back to stock either coming from the custom guy :poke:

Yeah, saw that, I was going off the marti.

Per the Marti report the car left the factory with a 4 speed. To restore this car to stock “looking” may not be too bad IF the non original stripes come off without damaging the paint. If it requires paint work then the price goes up, especially if you need to pay someone else to do the work. The bigger problem would be the non stock drivetrain. To get the “correct” stock pieces will be expensive.

I like customs as much as anyone but this car is a good example when it would have been far better to put it back stock. I think that if the car had the stock stripes, the 4 speed, correct exhaust, corrrect interior parts, etc that it would have been sold by now. The potential buyers out there for a 428SCJ 4 speed Eliminator are looking for as close to stock as possible. Just my 2 cents.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

What do you guys think of the potential drag history?

I think it is interesting that it had an exact twin from the same dealership, and that it was delivered in Feb, but not sold until end of Sept. Seems like it hung around for the whole drag season or something, maybe as a dealer track demo car?

A drag history could be interesting. Would it add anything to the cars value? Perhaps if it was a well known drag car. But if that was the case I would think that someone would have already found that history. Most likely if a drag racing history can be found it will more of a footnote than a chapter. It would be interesting to know and it might help explain why some things on the car are as they are but would not add much, if anything, to the monetary value.

Randy Goodling
CCOA #95

Thanks Randy, and I agree with you. Still, a cool addition to the “known history” of a car, even if it wouldn’t add much to the value :slight_smile:

Here is something i noticed on this car. the owner says it looks as though it never had a 4 speed in it. (no provision for z-bar and hole in firewall closed up) but it does have the staggard rear shocks which came on only 4 speed cars. very interesting.

Stagered shocks seems to be a hit and miss anyways. Sometimes 4 spd cars never got them! seems like it was whatever the line guys had on hand that day…

Update on 0F91Q542835

It now resides with a new owner in Auburn, WA, who has a nice collection of cars to keep it company. It was purchased minus the non-original drivetrain, which will be replaced with correct SCJ components from the owners stash. The new owner plans are to restore the car to his own tastes, probably adding PS, PB, console, etc.

We just picked this car up from the owner to begin a ground up restoration. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page to watch the progress.