What a great idea, thanks Bill! This motivated me to dig through some old files, and sure enough, I found my original 1970 Cougar registration. VIN was 0F93H510369 built in October 1969 before the change to bolt-in door glass. Re-glued those windows (improperly) more than once. Purchased from original owner out of Garden City, KS in 1977 with 77k miles (my first car) and sold it in 1986 (pictured) with 120k miles, rusty quarter panels, and badly needing a valve job. But it still looked sharp and it’s houndstooth interior was like new. Some kid was just as excited as I had been to get it. Would love to know if my original Cougar has survived or not.
0F93H510369_dlxrpt.pdf (294 KB)

It was reported to the database in 2005 in Florida. “In great condition”


Thanks Phil - very pleased to hear that!