I was second owner of this Cougar from 1977 through 1986 in Wichita, KS. Is this car in the registry?
0F93H510369_dlxrpt.pdf (294 KB)

Yes. Entered in 2006, from report dated 1/19/97; only partial door tag information though.


Thanks Jim. At least you have all it’s data now. Guess it’s probably been stored away or salvaged since no update in 25 yrs.

Thanks for the Marti Craig, I’ve forwarded it on to Phil Parcells who will update the database.


Small world. I was driving our '70 around Wichita at the same time.

Wow Todd, small world indeed! Pretty sure I had that same sweater and hair in those days too - lol! My Cougar also had the houndstooth interior, and it really was sharp. Saw mine sitting along East Kellogg at Dick Price Motors after original owner traded it. Got it for $1300 and it ran great, although the 351W had really noisy lifters. I drove it from Derby to Wichita State University daily which subjected it to a lot of salt in some pretty snowy winters. By the time I sold it, the quarters were rusting pretty badly at top and behind the wheel wells. So I am careful not to even drive my current Cougar from the first salt application until after spring storms wash the roads clean. Probably not as big a problem in Texas as it is in KC.

That’s great. Our white one came new from Dick Price. My Grandfather sold cars at that dealership on Kellogg up to the early '70s. Sadly the trail for mine ends in 1999 (I sold it the early '80s). The last picture from 1999 showed a lot of rust so I image it’s been turned in to tuna cans by now.

My dad has been a Mercury man since 1950. In the late 60’s, the newspaper would sometimes include a plastic key inside the automotive section. So I would go with my dad over to Dick Price to see if it would start one of the new Mercurys on the showroom floor. I’m sure we crossed paths with your grandfather at some point. Wish we had hung onto our original Cougars though. I knew I would someday regret it when I sold mine to buy my first PC.

Very possible indeed.