0F93M540434- Last mile.

This poor Cat was given to me to load all my scrap metal in & take to the crusher.

That looks like it was somewhat a solid car.

I was going to say the same thing. Looks like it was a decent body.


The car is very rusty. No trunk dropoff’s & lots of bondo. They used particle board for trunk floor sides. Secured it with spray foam! I got it with no suspension, so had to bring my own! Maybe we should have a pool to see how much it weighs! I counted over 30 rotors & about the same amount of drums. Not to mention all the front end stuff I have replaced over 3 years…My guess 4500 pounds
6 sets of leaf springs too!

Well I got it to the crusher. When they picked it up w/ fork, the roof bent up into a V.

It weighed out at 4860 !!!

That about 1 1/2 Cats!