1/25 scale replica model of my '68

Thought some of you might get a kick out of this. I built as exact a replica as I could of my car in 1/25 scale. I started with the original AMT 67/68 Cougar kits (which are no longer in production), but they are sorely lacking in detail. I did a bunch of kitbashing and stealing from other model kits to get all the parts and detail I needed.

The front subframe, engine bay and firewall are from the Revell 68 Mustang kit, small block motor from the AMT 67 Mustang, T5 trans from the Revell foxbody kit, etc. I got the paint from MCW Finishes, the Gulfstream Aqua lacquer they have was a near perfect match to the real car’s paint. A few mistakes here and there, but pretty happy with the result!

very cool! I used to build lots of kits back in the day and loved to modify and steal parts from other kits for more realism. Nice work!

Nicely done. I like the attention to detail you did with this.

That is COOL! I don’t have that skill level but I did disassemble a 1/18 diecast and had it painted along with our Cougar (custom color) and found the same wheels and redline tires to match. Even had a waterslide decal of the license plate made for it.

Very nice work. I had a guy lined up that was going to build me a model of my GT-E to give to my Dad. Unfortunately he passed before that happened so I never had it done.

By the looks of your 1/25 scale model it is probably worth 1/25 of the real Cat, as well ! Congratulations on both a great looking model and the full size Cougar - your skill and passion is evident in both.

Very nice.

Love it! Thanks for posting.

Also just love the original box art.

  • Phillip

Thanks guys! Yeah it’s a shame they don’t produce the 67/68 kits anymore. Apparently AMT’s original tooling was modified to make the funny car model so we’re left scouring ebay for originals.

That’s awesome, nice job on it! It’s always cool making a replica of your own car.

That’s a fantastic job with the stainless window trim!!! Not easy.