1967 - 1968 Cougar Golde / ASC / American Sunroof Flexible D

We have been out of stock on these for 3 years! I finally located a box of 40 of them in Germany from a BMW dealer (yes BMW used the same part). I would like to get rid of about 20 by putting them on sale, if you would like two or more the price goes down another notch from what you see on our site.

I would buy one right away if I only could find the gear part that goes between this one and the sun roof cables. Until I can locate one of those I have no need for the flexi drive cable :frowning: If someone can help me with the part I need I will become very happy :slight_smile:

If you have the housing, the internal gears are the same as those used in the BMW 2002. Hope this helps.

Bill, it was actually the housing that was broken and damaged :frowning: